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food, journalthe macarons {5}


I know it’s actually not monday, but I have one reason good enough not to have posted yesterday.

namely, macarons.

after weeks of experimenting, I’ve finally come up with the perfect recipe that gives me lovely macarons every single time.
I’m thrilled because those little guys are so going to be part of the book I’m – deceptively slowly – trying to write.

it feels so good to start the week with such a great achievement.

so, how was your monday?

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food, journaldreaming {2}


getting back to work was kind of exhausting, especially after the week Aïda and I spent exploring London.

right now, I dream about a walk through hyde park, a box of pierre hermé’s macarons, and an afternoon spent working on my book.

right now, I have the most gem of a boyfriend, some macarons to make at work, and a couple of posts to write for foodbeam.

what are your dreams?

ps. thank you so much for all your suggestions to my last post. I heart you!

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journal, to-dobook {4}


a timeless moment at the Clarendon.

to-do: write a cookbook.

I think I have just found the perfect place to get the writing done. a café/restaurant/bar right down my street.
I cosily seat on one of the padded benches, get my moleskine and papermate pen from my bag, order a latte, then let the magic happen.

I love it there.

don’t you find it easier to work outside from home?

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