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journalpuzzle {7}


at times, I have so many things in my head that I feel petrified. unable to see what I want or what I should be doing. but I guess our fears are both boundaries and triggers, so let’s go for the latter.

for some time, I’ve been questioning the essence of blogging. I guess I’m not talking about foodbeam; because, there, it makes sense for me to speak about something I know.
but here, on my petit navire, it’s been feeling awkward. life is not something we can master. so really, is it possible to write about this? and if we do, what’s the point?

and yet, when I read other people’s words, they make me travel, discover unexplored parts of the world or even – and perhaps more importantly – unexplored parts of the mind.

because life may not be our core competency, but it’s something we can share with the people we love and who love us.

and I really hope that wherever you are in the world right now, this little space – pointless or not – does bring you happiness, just like my own life does.

I would very much be interested in what makes you write or read a personal blog?

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journalshe saw {3}


november. somehow, you’re never given the credit for the smell of rain, the fallen leaves, and the cinnamon coffee lattes. you should be.

one month. one hundred words a day; her words. as a thank you for how beautiful you are.

let’s call this little project the smell of rain. for now. for only excuse the fact that it’s my favourite. ever.

that day, she woke up to a cold room; a cold empty room. with a bottle of wine and an ashtray – bursting with what once were the cigarettes he liked -, as the only evidence that it wasn’t always so cold in this house.

it all felt like a dream. one that, no matter how hard you try, can’t be remembered. she was there, sat on a train and looking through the window.

and as the hours turned into seconds, it happened. she saw.

she saw how pointless her attempt at remembering something that can only be felt was.

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inspiration, journalfifteen {2}


today, I didn’t take any picture. I’m happy to see things with my heart. indeed, one sees clearly only with the heart; anything essential is invisible to the eyes.

I find these words from my very favourite childhood book beautiful.

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journalstrawberry milk {5}


today I feel overwhelmingly happy.

I’m making matcha whoopie pies. I had the nicest dinner in bed with a special friend yesterday night. and I found the most perfect theme for my tumblr blog.

ps. we watched dear john late at night and I cried. it was quite moving. oh and I also changed the header for this little journal. still unsure. come what may!

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inspiration, journalgoodbye, hello {one}

(picture by Brian Ferry)

I’m off for a long journey from one home to another. train is nice. ten hours in the train, not so much.

I’ll see you later from the other side of the channel. x

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journalon loving film {5}


lately, some facts have pushed me to reconsider my love for film.

facts like:
one, a conversation with Guillaume.
two, the delivery of TZ polaroid film.
three, the abusive use of my pentax me super.
four, my upcoming-birthday wishlist: a mamiya rz 67.

ever since my playground friend Anne lent me her polaroid camera one day when we were running around stables – back in the mid-nineties – I knew I was holding something special.

something that could capture moments of life. something that could make me see the beauty of the world we live in. something that could stop the time.

at the time, the standard in photography was film. film that produced flawless results. today, it’s the same with digital cameras. when you shoot you know what you’re going to get.

but to me photography is different. my daily life is as imperfect as imperfect can be. and whenever I collect a moment through my camera, I want it to be a reflect of who I am.

over the years, this collection has grown into a book that could define me. moments to be remembered, happy or sad. with an occasional light leak or unexpected blur.
it’s those same imperfections that connect everything. they act as a reminder of how fragile the time that goes by is.

and this is why I fall for old cameras, knowing they will render my life as it is. imperfect ordinary made less ordinary – not to say – magical.

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journalbonjour tristesse {comments closed}

bonjour tristesse

bonjour tristesse


today is one of those days on which everything is fine and yet feels utterly wrong.

today is one of those days on which I feel lucky to be supported by some of the finest people around.

today is one of those days on which I will, despite all evidences, go to bed with a smile on my face.

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journalle pays des larmes {one}




this past weekend has been a collection of coincidental accidents. everything happened so quickly, almost at the same time, leaving no place for solutions.

after barely three hours of sleep, a full breakfast, a hug, and some nice words, it all smoothed down. back to a better and happier normal.

it’s weird how it sometimes takes hard times to realise how lucky/inlove/happy you are.

I think we have something good. it just took some time to catch it. now, it’s here, securely locked. together we stand. happier than ever.

ps. thank you so much for the kind comments on my last post. nothing is certain, but I have the feeling I might regain my love for foodbeam. xx

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journalobsolete {5}

until a couple of hours ago (sixth of august two-thousand-and-nine) this journal was dedicated to the collection of beautiful imagery and words from what inspires me, as well as, from my very own everyday life.
now, after having accidentally deleted the database, I have no idea how things will turn out.
oh, and for the record, I’m Fanny.
I was born in 1985 and have been living on the French Riviera ever since, except for the couple of years I spent traveling around the world.
I love acorns, London, green bubble tea, skateboarding, Bloc Party, my cameras, being a
pâtissière, unicorns, Michel Gondry, peacock feathers, hearts, embroidery, milk chocolate, and probably many more things/people.


I must admit I feel a little bit lost about what I want this blog to be. the perspective of blankness and freshness did feel good.

like a new start.

but now the archives are back, I’m confused.

perhaps a walk could be great. I’m going to take my bike, a camera, and some hot ugg boots, and we’ll see what happens.

do you think I should delete everything? or should I keep the archives and pretend this is a fresh new blog? redo the layout and add some new exciting categories?

ps: the text above totally was the new about page.
ps bis: I re-opened the comments. it just felt lonely without you (the new fanny is on her way after quite sweet a bike ride).

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journala golden brown halo {comments closed}


things are starting to look better for me. I’m smiling, at last. happiness is on its way. here. and over Naomi’s terrific blog too (which, I must admit, makes me even happier)!

and look at that picture she picked for me. a perfect match. she couldn’t have chosen one closer to what I am and how I feel on a daily basis.

I’m now off for some good times. including that one pan bagna (a Niçois specialty with tuna, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, radishes, peppers, broad beans, lots of raw onions and a good drench of olive oil, yum!) that is waiting for me. xx

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