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it’s too easy to let life consume our dreams. so whenever I feel overwhelmed I go for a walk.

beautiful music, sunshine in my eyes, fresh wind, a camera – or two – to seize the moment. as a reminder of why things have to be as such and why I have to slow down every now and then.

only to be ready again for more adventures and fun times.

in fact, after wandering through my neighbourhood this afternoon, my mind feels crisp – perhaps not as much as the air – but I’m finally embracing autumn – for good this time. orange leaves and early sunsets are my new favourites.

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inspiration, wishlista toast home {comments closed}



city change + new flat = interior design folie.

toast a/w home collection
oozes cosiness. whisper words like rugs, hottie, slippers and socks, and you’ll make me the happiest girl.

yeah to winter!


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journalthe perfect boots {comments closed}

comptoir boots

felline boots comptoir


I found the perfect winter boots today. at le comptoir des cotonniers, a favourite French store.

and they might turn out to be perfect for this summer too. just tie a ribbon around the ankles and and they’ll happen to look like the Isabel Marant from last spring/summer collection (or leave them as they are for a moreish ss10 look).

marant boots

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