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on my corner of the earth, there is no such thing as being too busy seeing the world through a polaroid camera. I miss it here. see you after christmas.

Cathy, thank you. warm – and waterproof – boots are a must around here. x

thank you Amanda. it’s not alwasy easy to see the beautiful thing around us when we live so fast. but sometimes, it feels good to slow down, doesn’t it?

Sabine. thanks for the kind wishes. I will keep my fingers crossed and my hands tied to the computer for a more efficient writing that it is right now.

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journalshe saw {3}


november. somehow, you’re never given the credit for the smell of rain, the fallen leaves, and the cinnamon coffee lattes. you should be.

one month. one hundred words a day; her words. as a thank you for how beautiful you are.

let’s call this little project the smell of rain. for now. for only excuse the fact that it’s my favourite. ever.

that day, she woke up to a cold room; a cold empty room. with a bottle of wine and an ashtray – bursting with what once were the cigarettes he liked -, as the only evidence that it wasn’t always so cold in this house.

it all felt like a dream. one that, no matter how hard you try, can’t be remembered. she was there, sat on a train and looking through the window.

and as the hours turned into seconds, it happened. she saw.

she saw how pointless her attempt at remembering something that can only be felt was.

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journala pattern {10}


lately, I’ve noticed how things have started to settle down into a pattern.

one that feels beautiful and soothing. just like a hot latte does – whether it is matcha or coffee.

because, by all accounts, details like this do not matter. the smell of rain, the dreams we have, the taste of wild salmon. those are the only things we should think about.

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food, journalcoldest {3}


despite feeling like an old lady due to the flu, today has been the best day ever; and also the coldest.

one. I bought everything to recreate my favourite bagel in london. the beef will start its brining tomorrow. and next week, it will be time for some bagel-making action.

two. I took the loveliest polaroid of my rainy window. blurry and all. I’m in love.

three. I finally made that one dessert I had in mind. photographed it. and talked (too much) about it.

since today is my very own sunday I treated myself with some delicious ricotta and spinach ravioli. hmmmm. good night. x

two slices of whole-wheat toast with a little butter.
two large glasses of tropical juice.

a plate of ricotta and spinach ravioli.
a spoonful of pop corn panna cotta.

a bowl of gazpacho.
a slice of bread.

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journalwindows we can see {comments closed}


a short talk. about life, aims, and dreams. a new friend that I hope to keep forever. sometimes – like today – I feel grateful for life to place such amazing people on my path.

she gave me the confidence I needed. to not forget about my dreams ever again. to not erase myself just to please someone else.

it’s like looking at me through a window. and realising that I can make it right.

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food, journalfirst times {one}


today was my first time with many things.

one. I shared pictures of my work at the Capital Hotel on foodbeam.
two. I heard the thunder and saw lightnings through my window.
three. I took a walk at six pm and the sun was still shining.

I’m now off to make peanut butter fudge. yes, I totally watched the delicious miss Dahl and found her so lovely. I love the vintage feel of it.

as a side note, I’ve really been wanting to turn my too-many-blogs into one. well, it’s just a thought.

ps. London’s weather will never cease to surprise me. storm and then sun?

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journaldream catcher {one}



after ten-hours plus of work at the new pâtisserie, my needs are reduced to food, love, and sleep.

however, my head retained its ability to produce some of the best dreams ever.

right now, I want my boyfriend, his car, possibly some good wine. we’d go to the mountains, sleep in the boot, on an inflatable mattress, covered with warm duvet covers, listen to crazy music and laugh until our cheek hurt. or maybe, we could just go to london, get a nice cosy flat, and lie in bed all day.

right now, I also want my gremlin. just her presence would do me good.

ps. can you believe I just recently took yet another pictures of my window? damn, I do love those linen curtains.

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journalan early autumn {one}

early autumn


yesterday, if it wasn’t for the thirty-two celsius degrees temperature, I could have believed autumn was here already.

it’s all about the light. mutted tones. and yellow colours.

oh, autumn, I’m waiting for you and your rainy days, filled with cookie-baking, scarf-knitting, and cosy boyfriend-snuggling.

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journalhoping.wishing {2}



rose bakery


hopes • feel better soon, be able to go to work tomorrow, and get to sleep early tonight.

wishes • be at home right now, take more pictures with my new favourite film camera, and fast forward to this october.

somehow, my kidney still hurt. it feels like a very painful stitch. and nothing really make me feel any better. sad days. although, I have to admit that looking at pretty pictures from home does soothe me a little.

I’m off to bed now, hoping for an early four-am wake-up tomorrow. going back to work rocks. let’s cross your fingers for me.

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