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journalarc-en-ciel {3}


it’s still pretty early here in London. too early to quit my duvet cover and open the curtains.

I’m still almost asleep, but can’t stop looking at my film pictures of Entrevaux. the place where time seems to stop. only love and happiness remain.

a bit like how I feel today, listening to outdoors sounds from my very own nest.

three things I will do today.

1. wander around town with my pentax camera.
2. have lunch with a friend.
3. work on the cookbook I want to publish.

three things I wish would happen.

1. spend days off with my boyfriend.
2. work less than twelve to fifteen hours a day.
3. cook more at home.

I also wish I could spend my week ends in Entrevaux, where time always seems to stop.

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journaleveryday I take my time {comments closed}




I somehow meant to talk about the weekend we spent in the mountains and that happened to last – sligtly – more than five days (since some rocks blocked the road, leaving stuck up there for an extra couple of days).

then time got in the way. so did paperworks.

moving to another country is exciting. opening an international bank account isn’t.

anyway, I shall be sharing the weekender edition soonish.x

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food, journalthe weekender {comments closed}


pince a linge


chestnut at the shop



christmas tree


chestnuts bag



here is a visual (and chronological) summary of the twenty four hour week end Guillaume and I spent in Saorge, a tiny village just a couple of kilometres away from the Italian border.

I really wish I had taken more pictures.

it was such a special week end. on the night we arrived we were invited to an indie concert in an abandoned house.

the next day, we woke up to the sun and stay in bed for an hour or two, laughing and kissing. and then, the chestnut hunt begun.

oh Saorge, I love you. really, I’ve never seen a place that’s so out of actual timeline. it just feels like we’re back to the seventies. xo

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journalblur {2}

fog road


bland flowers


as promised here are a couple of pictures from friday’s road trip to the mountains.

I spent time taking pictures of the pretty mountain flowers, and collecting pine cones for a christmas advent calendar project.


but I must have felt something because as soon as I reached my car, a lightning bolt flashed close to the road. it was a surreal experience to see the flash and hear the rumble at the same time.

one thing is for sure. the girl will not go back to the mountains by herself. luckily, she has mountain friendly friends. in facts she spent the following week end near the Italian border, in the Alps.

what did you do this week end? I picked chestnuts with my boyfriend and did so much more, but I shall save some for tomorrow’s post. xx

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handmade, journalthere will be another one {2}

fly away


a couple of things I’m going to do this special week end.

1. seat at a cafe terrasse and get as many diabolos kiwi as humanly possible.
2. read, read, read.
3. knit the knits, and purls the purls.
4. hike to the most gorgeous cascade.
5. swim in ice-cold waters.
6. be happy.

hope you’re having a blast. if not, please, please, feel free to use my very own hot-air balloon for fun times. see you on wednesday. xx

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