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journalle pays des larmes {one}




this past weekend has been a collection of coincidental accidents. everything happened so quickly, almost at the same time, leaving no place for solutions.

after barely three hours of sleep, a full breakfast, a hug, and some nice words, it all smoothed down. back to a better and happier normal.

it’s weird how it sometimes takes hard times to realise how lucky/inlove/happy you are.

I think we have something good. it just took some time to catch it. now, it’s here, securely locked. together we stand. happier than ever.

ps. thank you so much for the kind comments on my last post. nothing is certain, but I have the feeling I might regain my love for foodbeam. xx

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pain choc



I just developed my very first (well, accurately, it’s more of the second, but we don’t count the actual first one right) roll of film, and I’m in love.

the pictures are perfect. thirteen moments, stopped in time. the weekend guillaume and I spent in entrevaux was sweet and lovely.

the water passed by. we had a delicious pain au chocolat breakfast at our favourite café. then I read a swedish book (or perhaps, should I say the swedish book of the moment).

plus, have you seen how those three pictures together make the most beautiful colour gradient?


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somehow days passed by without I even noticed. I’m in London for the week end (a long – extended – one, that is).
things have been pretty lovely here. I got three new pairs of jeans – including some salmon pink ones from American Apparel -, some warm UGG tall boots in chocolate brown, a couple of pretty tops, and winter leggings.

today, D. and I woke up early so we had plenty of time to walk around the city. he had a salmon quiche, while I took the grilled cheddard sandwich. so yummy. although the highlight of the day definitely was the terrific moment we spent at the Sommerset house, cosily sat on a huge black leather couch. brownies and summer berries cheesecake included.

ps. don’t you just love this lemonade packaging. I’m smitten!

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