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journalthankful {2}


at times, things get in the way. things like drinking bubble tea, becoming a better pastry chef, and photographing golden leaves.

and trust me when I say it’s for the best. I love autumn. especially when the air is so crisp it makes us forget how warm the sun was a couple of months ago.

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journallost in the sun {2}


a walk at the park. a dropped camera. an opened cover. three pictures.

today my latest roll of film got lost in the sun. and so did I. it’s now certain: I love autumn, and everything that it means to me.

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journala year {2}


it’s too easy to let life consume our dreams. so whenever I feel overwhelmed I go for a walk.

beautiful music, sunshine in my eyes, fresh wind, a camera – or two – to seize the moment. as a reminder of why things have to be as such and why I have to slow down every now and then.

only to be ready again for more adventures and fun times.

in fact, after wandering through my neighbourhood this afternoon, my mind feels crisp – perhaps not as much as the air – but I’m finally embracing autumn – for good this time. orange leaves and early sunsets are my new favourites.

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journalup and down {2}


I love to take walks with my camera as it gives me a reason to slow down and observe the world. up and down.

it feels like it has been too long since I last spent a quiet moment like this one, when in fact it was just… yesterday.

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journalplump {4}

squirrel eating a peanut


after too many hours to admit it spent on the computer this morning*, I decided to make the best of this not-so-rainy off day and go for a walk (with the secret aim to find a large soft-cover squared notebook = FAIL).

but I met someone on the way. the plumpest little person, eating a peanut. he (I assume he’s a boy from all this muscle – hmmm, love handles) made my day.

now, as usual, I’m curious to know what made your monday the best day of the week?

ps. only tens days until Christmas (this also gets me super*excited).

* I have put together the sweetest blurb book for Guillaume’s Christmas. in case you want to do the same, do rush. tomorrow is the deadline for getting your book printed/sent by your door before THE day.

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food, journalthe weekender {comments closed}


pince a linge


chestnut at the shop



christmas tree


chestnuts bag



here is a visual (and chronological) summary of the twenty four hour week end Guillaume and I spent in Saorge, a tiny village just a couple of kilometres away from the Italian border.

I really wish I had taken more pictures.

it was such a special week end. on the night we arrived we were invited to an indie concert in an abandoned house.

the next day, we woke up to the sun and stay in bed for an hour or two, laughing and kissing. and then, the chestnut hunt begun.

oh Saorge, I love you. really, I’ve never seen a place that’s so out of actual timeline. it just feels like we’re back to the seventies. xo

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