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my room is quite a mess. but instead of the planned tidy-up, I ended up staying in bed all day.

listening to beautiful music, looking at some lovely book, writing in my journal, talking to a favourite friend, eating pan-fried gnocchi, and rather evidently, looking at my feet.

the cameras on my bed will have to wait a little before they find a neat place!

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three things I love tonight.

• vintage cameras I’ve found at the snokeler’s house. more than loving photography, his dad – a graphic designer – has a fondness for printing. hence the gorgeous letterpress I happen to come across in the basement. 

•• luna lovegood’s radish earrings. I remember trying to make myself some years ago, at which time they turned out great but not as lovely as these ones.

••• the snokeler loves the sx70 I gave him for his birthday a couple of months ago. we now have a pile of pretty/fun/crazy/gorgeous polaroids sitting next to his bed.

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