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journala pattern {10}


lately, I’ve noticed how things have started to settle down into a pattern.

one that feels beautiful and soothing. just like a hot latte does – whether it is matcha or coffee.

because, by all accounts, details like this do not matter. the smell of rain, the dreams we have, the taste of wild salmon. those are the only things we should think about.

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journallost in the sun {2}


a walk at the park. a dropped camera. an opened cover. three pictures.

today my latest roll of film got lost in the sun. and so did I. it’s now certain: I love autumn, and everything that it means to me.

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food, handmade, journalaujourd’hui {one}



today’s to-do list makes me feel happy.

one. make soft trees (picture by Shanna Murray) using this perfect pattern. I’m thinking of a combination of white, cream, brown and red.

two. make cookies (picture by Heidi Swanson). perhaps with pumpkin, a touch of cinnamon and crushed daims. yum!

three. finish the fabric garland I started a year ago. I want it huge so I can hang it on the ceiling of our new flat.

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food, journalldn {one}


somehow days passed by without I even noticed. I’m in London for the week end (a long – extended – one, that is).
things have been pretty lovely here. I got three new pairs of jeans – including some salmon pink ones from American Apparel -, some warm UGG tall boots in chocolate brown, a couple of pretty tops, and winter leggings.

today, D. and I woke up early so we had plenty of time to walk around the city. he had a salmon quiche, while I took the grilled cheddard sandwich. so yummy. although the highlight of the day definitely was the terrific moment we spent at the Sommerset house, cosily sat on a huge black leather couch. brownies and summer berries cheesecake included.

ps. don’t you just love this lemonade packaging. I’m smitten!

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