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november. somehow, you’re never given the credit for the smell of rain, the fallen leaves, and the cinnamon coffee lattes. you should be.

one month. one hundred words a day; her words. as a thank you for how beautiful you are.

let’s call this little project the smell of rain. for now. for only excuse the fact that it’s my favourite. ever.

that day, she woke up to a cold room; a cold empty room. with a bottle of wine and an ashtray – bursting with what once were the cigarettes he liked -, as the only evidence that it wasn’t always so cold in this house.

it all felt like a dream. one that, no matter how hard you try, can’t be remembered. she was there, sat on a train and looking through the window.

and as the hours turned into seconds, it happened. she saw.

she saw how pointless her attempt at remembering something that can only be felt was.

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journalwindows we can see {comments closed}


a short talk. about life, aims, and dreams. a new friend that I hope to keep forever. sometimes – like today – I feel grateful for life to place such amazing people on my path.

she gave me the confidence I needed. to not forget about my dreams ever again. to not erase myself just to please someone else.

it’s like looking at me through a window. and realising that I can make it right.

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inspiration, journalgoodbye, hello {one}

(picture by Brian Ferry)

I’m off for a long journey from one home to another. train is nice. ten hours in the train, not so much.

I’ll see you later from the other side of the channel. x

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