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journalthe start and the end of a story {3}


some days everything that matters involves some glitters, many kisses, one too many bloody mary, and laughing until we can’t breath anymore.

others are all about waking up to a loud rain and thunder, day-dreams, and pan-fried gnocchis.

I just had one the laziest days ever. and it feels amazing. I took the time to contemplate the transition from summer to autumn. and although, I’m not ready to give up the glitter, a little part in me is looking forward to jumping under the rain.

what’s you favourite lazy day like?

ps. my adorable pentax took the most coincidental picture. rain versus blue sky (edited with my favourite iphone app).

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journalalways and forever more {2}


today I love talking to my dad on the phone for hours, glitters – on my eyes and feet, celebrating the upcoming French holidays, candy necklaces – to be shared, waiting for the iPhone to be delivered, udon noodles with sea weeds, seeing my favourite face again, hi henry scout t-shirt, a bow in my hair.

and I forgot to mention I’m still in love with my tattoo. always and forever more.

have a lovely week end.

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journalhappy {5}


I still can’t believe it. and yet.

the bestest thing to wake up to.

ps. as my sister wisely said: it’s sweet, but it remains pictures of my feet. gross!

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journalcerf-volant {7}


amongst other things involving cheap red wine, a lot of sleeping, a few too many laughs, and some fun games, here is what happened.

my very first tattoo. I couldn’t be more excited and literally can’t stop looking at my feet. it’s just so amazing to have a unique and homemade sign.

for the first time ever, I do feel like I am myself. as if something was missing. and now, I won’t have the need to draw on my skin constantly.

what is your dream ink?

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journalfinds {2}

dream pond

dream tattoo


sometimes it’s best to put some blinkers on to only see the best in life and forget about the rest (that goes somewhere along the lines of this-sore-throat-kills-me and I-am-working-way-too-much).

so today, from the bottom of my bed, I want to share with you three funny finds I have made during the past few weeks.

one. chickpeas are shy little guys. Guillaume put some to soak in the kitchen. and at night, we wondered where that popping noise came from. we checked the kitchen only to discover the pops stopped when we got in only to start again when we had our backs turned. shy, they are indeed.

two. life always have the best surprises. I’ve just realised that something I never wished for happened anyway. and now, it just seems normal and comforting. I couldn’t be happier.

three. I can’t keep a secret. I have been trying to make the secretest presents for Guillaume’s Christmas, but everytime, I just jump on any occasion to give him some hints about what they are.

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inspiration, wishlistxmas wishlist, the tattoo {comments closed}



bow (by heidifurre), testing out the calligraphy tools (by kate), nobility (by kate), *’_’* (by .bu).

I want a tattoo: on the inner wrist, with my own handwriting, and possibly a small drawing. most definitely with a handmade feel.

does anyone have good recommendation for a tattoo parlour in London? oh please say yes.
I have been waiting for this tattoo for so long, and now I’ve found what I want to write on my skin, it is simply the right time.

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