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food, journalinstant like {3}


inspired by Marthe, I put together a short list of current likes. in random order.

a large mug of cafe latte.
the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
a collection of things.
my favourite face in the entire world.
growing plants, preferably edible.
the elegance of the hedgehog.
a blank moleskine, waiting to be filled.
going mushroom picking.
a walk to the tate modern.
or even better, a bike ride.
spending time with a friend who draws beautifully.
an old pentax me super.
making a lemon meringue tart for the people I love.
a glass of sirop d’orgeat, possibly with a pink straw.
welcoming autumn. slowly.
a good song. from bloc party, nada surf, snow patrol or air.

what do you like the most right now?

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inspiration, journala pile of needles {one}


it’s barely monday anymore, but I felt like celebrating this new week. which I expect to be made of visits at the tate modern (Jiri Kovanda’s photography makes me breathless), lunch at borough market, unmatched socks, fireworks inside my heart, fresh green peas, cake drawing, and possibly, a summer pudding.

have fun. x

ps. since I’m on the subject of fireworks, I shall admit that I believed for a long time that they were called feu dentifrice (literally, toothpaste fire) instead of the more conventional – apparently not for my always funny dad – feu d’artifices. thanks papa for having made my world such a crazy cool one.

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journalinfinity {3}


an early summer day. we were lying in the sun. surrounded by pretty flowers. and he said, I could die here right now. and I secretly thought the same.

now, a couple of weeks later, I’m left alone with my fears. so many of them. paralysing me. I thought there was no such thins as fearing your own fears, but I’ve been proven wrong.

there is this thing I really want to make happen. instead, I stay nestled in my very own fortress. hiding from the rest of the world.

this is about to change. I’m off to work on the business plan. wish me luck. x

ps. the picture above is very much like an accidental and genuine polaroid quote (minus the polaroid part, that is).

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inspirationuntitled {3}


this moves me. turning the ordinary into beauty. or perhaps more possibly, underlining the beauty of the ordinary.

when I stepped into room eleven of tate modern’s fifth floor, I was in awe. all those daily objects – part of an installation created by Peter Fischli and David Weiss – are in fact sculptures. I could have stayed there for hours. consciously scanning the details that I would have probably overlooked in my everyday life.

art is this for me. opening a new window to our lives. getting us to think about what surrounds us. and maybe, more simply, making us apperceptive.

what kind of art moves you? to me it’s all about hidden beauty and melancholic words.

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