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journala year {2}


it’s too easy to let life consume our dreams. so whenever I feel overwhelmed I go for a walk.

beautiful music, sunshine in my eyes, fresh wind, a camera – or two – to seize the moment. as a reminder of why things have to be as such and why I have to slow down every now and then.

only to be ready again for more adventures and fun times.

in fact, after wandering through my neighbourhood this afternoon, my mind feels crisp – perhaps not as much as the air – but I’m finally embracing autumn – for good this time. orange leaves and early sunsets are my new favourites.

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journalà bientôt {2}


a list for this monday.

find that 50mm lens I’ve lost.
say goodbye. see you soon home.
fly to london.
take those two rolls of film to develop.
hang the new – and very pretty – curtains my mum made for me.
stop being obsessed with this little monster.
write on foodbeam.
look at my flickr favourites.

what is your very own list for today?

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journallike home {comments closed}


my kind of place feels like home. a space where time stops and sun makes your skin warm.

I would ride my bike to the closest beach and sit here for ages with a big glass bottle filled with café crème and a moleskine.

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journalfeels like home {2}


I’ve been home for a couple of days now and it feels good to spend some time with summer again. reading magazines and books by the sea. having fun with friends. going through piles of pictures.

it feels so quiet and relaxing. who knew you could have the best holidays at home? however, I’m quite looking forward to going back to my other home where I plan to paint my room white and decorate it like there is no tomorrow.

what’s your weekend going to feel like?

ps. yes, I couldn’t help but photograph this little monster again. I love him so. and in fact, I even snapped his portrait with my pentax too!

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journalthe start and the end of a story {3}


some days everything that matters involves some glitters, many kisses, one too many bloody mary, and laughing until we can’t breath anymore.

others are all about waking up to a loud rain and thunder, day-dreams, and pan-fried gnocchis.

I just had one the laziest days ever. and it feels amazing. I took the time to contemplate the transition from summer to autumn. and although, I’m not ready to give up the glitter, a little part in me is looking forward to jumping under the rain.

what’s you favourite lazy day like?

ps. my adorable pentax took the most coincidental picture. rain versus blue sky (edited with my favourite iphone app).

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journaleight {comments closed}


a day was skipped. an ice-cream van was spotted just outside from work. a delicious white chocolate sponge with apricots and pistachio ice-cream was made.

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journalone {one}


juicy stone fruits, forever sun, sparkling river thames, bike rides, and pimm’s and lemonade.

I love summer, although I will deny it no matter how much effort you put into having me admit it. but right now, I do truly wish those moments would last. for ever.

ps. august has been here for a little over forty hours now. and rather evidently, I’m already late for the summer break. but I’ll make up for it later in the evening.

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journalare like music to me {2}


three summer essentials for the couple of hours I get to spend at the park during my break.

one. the perfect ballerines. after years spent looking for a replica of the simplest repetto I had back in 2003, topshop made those. same pastel pink. same thin sole. same leather. I am in love.

two. the notebook. and as usual, the papermate felt-tip pen. to work on my little big project.

three. the coffee. a grande skinny iced latte. just enough caffeine to keep me going and make pastries until late at night.

ps. I’m currently listening to a lovely playlist, which I quite fittingly called calm down. here is one of the tracks. the words. the words.

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what are your three summer essentials?

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journalinfinity {3}


an early summer day. we were lying in the sun. surrounded by pretty flowers. and he said, I could die here right now. and I secretly thought the same.

now, a couple of weeks later, I’m left alone with my fears. so many of them. paralysing me. I thought there was no such thins as fearing your own fears, but I’ve been proven wrong.

there is this thing I really want to make happen. instead, I stay nestled in my very own fortress. hiding from the rest of the world.

this is about to change. I’m off to work on the business plan. wish me luck. x

ps. the picture above is very much like an accidental and genuine polaroid quote (minus the polaroid part, that is).

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journalhier {2}


along with every new season that comes, some images become less and less blurry.

bright red cherries, endless nights, hot white sand, splashes of sea water, glasses of golden-coloured wine.

I love summer.

I only wish I was living closer to my three favourite girls of the universe, whose names coincidentally all start with an A. because to me, a summer is not one without them. x

what makes you fall in love with summer?

ps. totally unrelated, but I think it’s safe to say that my favourite lunch ever is: avocado + tomatoes + spring onions + red chillies + coriander + lemon juice + prawns. love love love.

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