(image by Victoria Pearson)

I’m getting ready for my upcoming job interview by exploring cupcakes. what a sweet assignment!

sprinkles cupcakes definitely sound like a reference. just read the list below and you’ll get my point.

cross your fingers for me. pleaaase. and if by any chance you know some inspiring cupcake bakery, let me know. xo

banana banana cake with creamy vanilla or chocolate frosting
black and white Belgian chocolate cake with creamy vanilla frosting
carrot walnut studded carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
chai latte chai spiced cake with chai latte vanilla frosting
chocolate coconut Belgian chocolate cake with coconut cream cheese frosting
chocolate marshmallow chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting and chocolate ganache
cinnamon sugar lightly spiced buttermilk cake cake with cinnamon sugar
coconut vanilla cake with cream cheese coconut frosting
dark chocolate chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
ginger lemon spiced ginger cake with lemon cream cheese frosting
ginger maple spiced ginger cake with maple cream cheese frosting
lemon lemon cake with vanilla and lemon frosting
lemon coconut vanilla cake with lemon and coconut cream cheese frosting
milk chocolate milk chocolate cake with fudge frosting
mocha dark chocolate cake with rich mocha frosting
orange orange cake with orange frosting
peanut butter chip chocolate chip studded peanut butter cake with peanut butter frosting
peanut butter chocolate chocolate chip studded peanut butter cake with milk chocolate frosting
pumpkin spiced pumpking cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting
red velvet light chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting
strawberry pure strawberry cake with sweet strawberry frosting
vanilla cake with creamy vanilla frosting
vanilla milk chocolate vanilla cake with fudgy milk chocolate cream cheese frosting

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