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journala year {2}


it’s too easy to let life consume our dreams. so whenever I feel overwhelmed I go for a walk.

beautiful music, sunshine in my eyes, fresh wind, a camera – or two – to seize the moment. as a reminder of why things have to be as such and why I have to slow down every now and then.

only to be ready again for more adventures and fun times.

in fact, after wandering through my neighbourhood this afternoon, my mind feels crisp – perhaps not as much as the air – but I’m finally embracing autumn – for good this time. orange leaves and early sunsets are my new favourites.

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journalmake a wish {2}


recently, I’ve found myself to embrace the unexpected. and now, instead of fighting to make things happen, I’m taking it slow.

it’s like making a wish, then forgetting about it, only to realise it has become true.

wishes are beautiful and make our world a little bit better.

getting a roll of film developed does as well. now, if only I had the time. and while I’m at it, my latest roll got accidentally rewinded. double exposure surprise.

I am excited!

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journalunexpected love {2}


I only went away for a couple of days, and here is what I found when I got back.

the trees have all blossomed and it’s gorgeous. I feel blessed to live in such a lovely city.

spring, I love you.

what do you love the most about spring?

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journaldans l’herbe {6}


no matter how eager I am to go back to London, I must admit I’m quite enjoying the quiet moments I spend here.

my flight was supposed to leave early this morning, and now I won’t be able to catch a train for England before this wednesday.

in the meantime, I’m clearly hanging out with the coolest kid ever: peanut. we’re both lying in the grass and monkeying around.

wounds seem to heal nicely this way. and it feels good to painlessly breath again without the tears.

how lazily are you spending your Sunday?

ps. I have three rolls of film waiting to be developed. it’s going to be fun.

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journaloff the map {6}


a lot has happened lately. in fact, it’s been a lot more than I can handle. so I decided to take a week off and fly to France.

I’m now ready to go back to London for more exciting adventures. at least, that’s what I want to be thinking.

for now, I’ll just stick to this and pretend I actually feel like smiling about it all.

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food, journalrecently {2}


a new month begins. in thirty days I will turn twenty-five. I’m still undecided for my wishlist. I just know I want something bold to remember what a long way I have come.

recently, I have – in alphabetical order:

one. made apple tarts.
two. eaten a warm salad of beetroot and goat cheese.
three. molded a dark chocolate bar and sprinkled it with with maldon sea salt.
four. seen the roses Guillaume gave me for our first anniversary getting dry.
five. spotted some blooming flowers in hyde park.
six. dreamed about actual floating lamps.
seven. loved this laundry string.
eight. thought that red and green is pretty.
nine. taken a walk on a sunny morning.
ten. felt overwhelmed by the building around trafalgar square.

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journalwelcome {one}


many things make me happy right now. things like spotting blooming flowers or meeting a new friend.

spring is here again! and it feels lovely.

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food, journalprintannier {5}


as I was peeling rhubarb for a pre-dessert, I felt a sudden urge to run to the changing rooms and take my camera.

to me, rhubarb has the perfect spring colours, and possibly my favourite shade of pink.

I’m so ready for spring that I started a little cleaning over at foodbeam. it was not easy, but much needed.

what makes you feel ready for spring?

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journalalright {one}


flowers on a sunny London morning.

once again, the clouds have disappeared, and I have the feeling that today is going to be lovely.

it’s mothering sunday here, so for lunch we’re offering a special menu at the restaurant. and the dessert is deliciously simple: an apple tarte fine with vanilla icecream.

bonne fête maman! and have a nice sunday. x

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food, journalin my kitchen {4}


green seems to be everywhere. from the onion bulb that has started germinating, to the matcha green tea brioches that are currently rising slightly more than I expected in the oven.

spring is close. and I’m excited.

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