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I must admit I fell in love with Sandra’s wrist worms a long time ago. sadly, I’m quite short on money these days, since I have to save all extra cash for the soon-to-be move to another city.

so I thought I should try to use the crochet I found with the needles my great-grand-mother handed me down. just to check wether I could make myself some crocheted mittens.

a crochet + a yarn from my recent scarf project = not as tricky as I thought it would be.

I just made a couple of rows since I will need the wool to finish my scarf, but I think it does look cute as a bracelet too, don’t you?


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inspirationle début {2}



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although I’m, litteraly, just back from my adventurous weekend getaway, I can’t help but drop by for some september celebration.

happy september everyone. xo

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inspiration, wishlistsurprise {comments closed}





(pictures via sandra juto)

have you seen how amazing the surprise ball sandra got is. plus, she’s now selling a print of – what feels like – a treasure collection.

so so pretty.

ps. new category alert. wishlist love. yeah (christmas on its way).

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inspirationvacances d’été {one}



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I spent the afternoon browsing flickr for some summer inspiration. it made me happy, and ready for some beach action.

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