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journalwhere it needs to be {one}


it’s not that I don’t love to ride my bike under a rain so thick it drenches me to the bones, but right now, if I had to make one wish it would be to take a road trip to fouras, hang out with my grand-mother – who clearly is the coolest kid to be around – and sip through a sirop d’orgeat.

what your top-three things to do?

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to-dovolkswagen van road trip {2}

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::`(image by Steven Miller)

to-do: buy a vw van, and travel around New Zealand and the world.

at the moment, this is our wildest dream. we’re saving money. he’s better at this than I am. it seems I can’t keep my hands off the beautiful British cookbooks.

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to-dosalvation moutain {one}

salvation moutain

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::(image by jaynonymous)

I’ve been thinking about the utter meaning of life lately. a self-imposed dissertation to figure out the ins and outs was even written today.

as a result, I’ve found out that:
1) I should probably refrain my determination to make my life how I want it to be, in order to truly enjoy the things I already have.
2) I should list everything I want.

the first idea that came to my mind was salvation moutain. although my factual mind forbids me to believe in anything bar mathematics and physics, I have the feeling this place might be one of the most inspiring ever.

what do you want to do before it gets too late?

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journalblur {2}

fog road


bland flowers


as promised here are a couple of pictures from friday’s road trip to the mountains.

I spent time taking pictures of the pretty mountain flowers, and collecting pine cones for a christmas advent calendar project.


but I must have felt something because as soon as I reached my car, a lightning bolt flashed close to the road. it was a surreal experience to see the flash and hear the rumble at the same time.

one thing is for sure. the girl will not go back to the mountains by herself. luckily, she has mountain friendly friends. in facts she spent the following week end near the Italian border, in the Alps.

what did you do this week end? I picked chestnuts with my boyfriend and did so much more, but I shall save some for tomorrow’s post. xx

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journalshivers {5}




I’m a little sad tonight. mainly because I’m not happy with foodbeam, my foodblog. sometimes, I have the feeling I should stop writing over there, but just the thought of it makes me shiver.

hard times. decision making.

I might go for a small night road trip, an uncanny obsession of mine.

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