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it was very cold that night; almost too cold in fact. lights from a small japanese restaurant would glow. we entered, almost feeling like we had to take our shoes off.

the menu was written in japanese, the matching anecdotes in english. with that jolly tone only japanese natives can master.

it felt like walking on a cloud, with never-ending cups of hot genmaicha tea.

laura. it might just be me, but I find your words beautiful. and very accurate. time and place.

tim. I love the ‘when no one is looking’ part. it’s so true. a couple of weeks ago, I was talking with an almost stranger who was all about technology and making money with blogs. he wouldn’t hear or understand that the main reason I write or photograph is to keep a record of things I love.

lucy. and you do. beautifully.

kyle. that’s quite interesting. in life, it’s not always easy to find people who are dealing with the same issues as you are. and it’s even more difficult to share those issue with the people who surround you because sometimes, it feels nice to forget about everything and just be happy.

jessica. we’re definitely on the same page here. my favourite blogs might not be the most prolific, but they always seem to make me enter in a state of bliss. and thanks for the kind words.

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journaland I couldn’t tell the difference between me and you {2}


these two pictures belong together. I love them. and how blurry the first one is. sometimes having a broken lens is sort of exciting.

I could sleep forever these days, because in my dreams I see you again.

in my dreams, I would also live in a gorgeous blue house like this one. just a few miles away from D.’s house and central London.

I guess you can tell I’m still in love with bloc party. their music, their lyrics. breath-taking. somehow, you might also tell from the broken sentences and random thoughts that I’m almost sleeping right now.
I’m super happy because I get to spend the entire day with my favourite *coworker* tomorrow. we’re going to make pretty objects for the launch of la moustache, our small design workshop!

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