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thanks for all the wishes. you are just so adorable. I wish I could all invite you here, in our small flat, and we could have tea with homemade scones and jam.

this seems highly unlikely to happen, but the least I can do is to show you our latest home improvement: a clouds polaroid heart with our much-loved Habitat analog clock + the gorgeous krakatoa poster from Elisabeth.

x fanny

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journalthe last day {7}

peanut top











although most of the day got spent on stuff-packing (yes, we are finally moving to London – like TOMORROW) – which I don’t particularly enjoy (and that’s and understatement) – we had the best surprises.

a new member of the family. please welcome Mister Peanut, possibly the sweetest bunny ever.

a gorgeous poster sent all the way from Sweden. oh yes, that one, made by Elisabeth for Studio Violet.

a pretty pile of lost polaroid pictures that will go straight onto our Kensington-flat naked walls.

a white guirlande, for the tree we’re planning on buying tomorrow night. any tips for buying Christmas trees in London? please.

an amazing one-colour-a-month Moleskine daily diary. I just can’t wait for 2010 to begin! let’s not rush though.

hope you had lovely surprises too on this Friday that marks a new beginning for me. I might not be able to post for a while, but I’ll make sure to think about you every day.

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inspirationpolaroid wall {comments closed}

polaroid wall ter

polaroid wall bis

polaroid wall

polaroid wall quar


I used to have a polaroid heart (with the cloud polaroids) on my wall, but so much more options seem to pop.

do you have a favourite?

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journalsoon {one}

lavender polaroid


looking forward to this.

ps. I can’t really sleep right now due to a mean kidney pain (the hospital sent me back home, I guess I had some lucky stars looking after me).

do you have any inspiring sites for me to look at? thank you. xx fanny.

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inspiration, journalcacahuète {comments closed}

three things I love tonight.

• vintage cameras I’ve found at the snokeler’s house. more than loving photography, his dad – a graphic designer – has a fondness for printing. hence the gorgeous letterpress I happen to come across in the basement. 

•• luna lovegood’s radish earrings. I remember trying to make myself some years ago, at which time they turned out great but not as lovely as these ones.

••• the snokeler loves the sx70 I gave him for his birthday a couple of months ago. we now have a pile of pretty/fun/crazy/gorgeous polaroids sitting next to his bed.

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journalI’m in like with you {comments closed}

(image via kerry)


as off là maintenant tout de suite [very right now] I’m super*damn*happy. I’m not scared of what’s coming ahead anymore. in fact, I’m damn ready for it.

bring. it. on.

I can’t wait for october. I can’t wait to travel. I can’t wait to move into a sweet cosy flat. I can’t wait for an exciting job. I can’t wait to make pretty things again and sell them in my tiny shop.

I’m so happy to have someone who totally supports what I do. he’s my papercrane.

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inspiration, journalget in here {comments closed}


all of a sudden the sun went down. I had planned to clean my room – empty the closet, pack my things in labelled boxed, paint the walls. but now that it’s grey and cold, I just want to put my uggs on, and look at the pretty images of my favourite blog.

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journalfwd {comments closed}


I picked my favourite polaroid. wrote my name + a heart. and here comes fanny 3.0! not so sure about the background colour, so things might change slightly over the upcoming hours (or days).

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