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food, journalthree days. {2}


day one. I saw the sea from the train that took me to my grand-parents’ house, a short thousand kilometres away from where I live all year round.

day two. I made the ultimate chocolate fondant with my favourite person ever, Sindri, my eight-year-old cousin who I get to have awesome talks and crazy fun with.

day three. I wrote and drew on record cards. and it feels good. especially when you know I set up my office at the back of the garden so I could: a. enjoy the pretty flowers, and b. get the internet connection from the neighbours.

xx fanny

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paper pda
10 x 15 cm – paper, recycled cardboard and enveloppes


when I came across PoIC last monday, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the concept. a pile of index cards as a paper pda.
I knew I was going to give it a go. and I did. the following day, a pattern I had made got printed, cardboard was cut, so were enveloppes. a couple of sticks of glue later, I had my pocket folder.

now, I really have the feeling that PoIC is a form of fetishism. by documenting my life on those cards, I make them carry a special meaning. they obviously become pieces of me; seconds of my own life.

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