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inspirationyou’re my favourite flavour {2}


I’m in love with my flickr favourites. and waking up to them is like opening a box of marrons glacés.

thank you my friends for noticing how beautiful our world is.

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inspiration, journala pile of needles {one}


it’s barely monday anymore, but I felt like celebrating this new week. which I expect to be made of visits at the tate modern (Jiri Kovanda’s photography makes me breathless), lunch at borough market, unmatched socks, fireworks inside my heart, fresh green peas, cake drawing, and possibly, a summer pudding.

have fun. x

ps. since I’m on the subject of fireworks, I shall admit that I believed for a long time that they were called feu dentifrice (literally, toothpaste fire) instead of the more conventional – apparently not for my always funny dad – feu d’artifices. thanks papa for having made my world such a crazy cool one.

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inspirationwhere I want to be {3}

(picture by Tim Robinson)

this is exactly where I want to be right now. it would be a long week end off. an escapade from the city, with my favourite person, enough wine for three days, a tepee, some lovely food (preferably avocado and chilies).

the sun would be just warm enough. and we would lie in the grass all day long, not noticing the sky turning blue. in fact, we wouldn’t even see the difference between me and you.

bloc party stole my heart.

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journalon loving film {5}


lately, some facts have pushed me to reconsider my love for film.

facts like:
one, a conversation with Guillaume.
two, the delivery of TZ polaroid film.
three, the abusive use of my pentax me super.
four, my upcoming-birthday wishlist: a mamiya rz 67.

ever since my playground friend Anne lent me her polaroid camera one day when we were running around stables – back in the mid-nineties – I knew I was holding something special.

something that could capture moments of life. something that could make me see the beauty of the world we live in. something that could stop the time.

at the time, the standard in photography was film. film that produced flawless results. today, it’s the same with digital cameras. when you shoot you know what you’re going to get.

but to me photography is different. my daily life is as imperfect as imperfect can be. and whenever I collect a moment through my camera, I want it to be a reflect of who I am.

over the years, this collection has grown into a book that could define me. moments to be remembered, happy or sad. with an occasional light leak or unexpected blur.
it’s those same imperfections that connect everything. they act as a reminder of how fragile the time that goes by is.

and this is why I fall for old cameras, knowing they will render my life as it is. imperfect ordinary made less ordinary – not to say – magical.

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journalthe pink house {3}


how was your monday? mine was packed.

with Aïda and our endless laughs.
with noodles.
with the littlest snowflakes.
with delicious pastries from Sketch.

hello monday is a new – hopefully – weekly feature to make us happy and grateful for the week to come.

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journalfirst {4}


I love the first picture of each and every roll I shoot. Just the right amount of imperfection to make it genuinely perfect.

coffee with Guillaume just a couple of days before we left for London.

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inspirationtake me there {4}

(image by Jen Gotch)

yesterday night, I left work early. around eight pm.

I slipped into bed, turned on my laptop, and browsed the internet looking for some new inspiring blogs.

I even found some old favourites back, like pictures and pancakes and my polaroid blog. instant crush, I don’t know how I manage to keep on living after incidentally deleting all the feeds from my reader.

do you have any blog recommendations? I’m looking for people with a passion for food and analogue photography.

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journalfirst days of november {one}

november first days



I might have been supposed to wait until I move to London to start this project, but I just couldn’t wait.

here are the first five days of November, in pictures. very blue, right?

my favourite is the grillage test shot I took to check whether my broken open-fractured 50mm lens still worked or not. it does, and takes beautiful pictures despite the apparent mechanisms!

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inspiration, journalthe londoner {4}

a new and daily project inspired by Azzari.


(image by Azzari)

I’m feeling utterly inspired by Azzari‘s daily discoveries, which she records with her camera.

so inspired in fact, I will keep a daily photographic journal once I’ll move to London = hence the londoner. my boyfriend already shouts his support and smiles at me.


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inspirationtea time + music inspiration {15}



it’s rainy outdoor. and I’m cosily sitting in a sofa, sipping on my favourite tea. and quite obviously listening to some good music.

at the moment, I have a crush for: Scarlett Johansson, Phoenix, and the obvious, Bloc Party.

however I must admit my ears would love something new too. any inspiring finds?

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