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journalsixteen {one}


sixteen days. a little over a hundred pictures taken. my canon has become my friend again. I just miss my pentax slightly too much.

as for today’s picture. well, an after-work drink with a friend who’s leaving for dubai. the fairy lights have stolen my heart.

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journalfour {3}


today was a long (and fun) day at work. and the crisp air felt so good against my skin as I biked back home.

as usual, I can’t refrain my smile as I arrive on top of the bridge to discover the beautiful lights london has to offer.

and in case you’re wondering, here is what I saw on the opposite side of the bridge.

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journalnew {3}


three new things that make me happy.

one. the fantastic polaroid spectra, or more accurately, a minolta instant pro. this is my (only and) very first shot. I’m in love, already.

two. some illustrations I made for foodbeam. drawing feels like kissing, for hours.

three. the bridge that I cross every night. the view from my bike is just breath-taking. I love riding back and forth to work. such a lovely moment.

any happy list to share?

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journalshooting stars {2}



yesterday turned out to be an almost perfect day; filled with friends, love, cough syrup, cake, and SNOW.

friends: the best way to go with friends is to be honest and admit it when things don’t turn out as they should for whatever reason.

love: close your eyes, and let the magic happen.

cough syrup: it seems the most reasonable approach to a sore throat. the best-spent four pounds of my life.

cake: small cranberry cakes with lovely orange and cinnamon undertones are the perfect complement to…

SNOW: two days in a row. it feels unreal for the southern girl I am. snow, period. right in the city centre, period.

I hope to be able to drop by sometime during the upcoming few days, but really, don’t expect much from me. I have the feeling that the restaurant is going to be super busy!

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inspirationbonne nuit {comments closed}

bebe rat

(picture by Jessica Florence)

I think I might have spent too much time on the internet today and have so many things to talk about / to show you. it makes me happy (dizzy too, from too much computer staring).

anyway, I now really want a pet rat. so adorable. this picture actually made my day (plus the brilliant flat acquisition).

what did make you day? nighty night. x

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journalshivers {5}




I’m a little sad tonight. mainly because I’m not happy with foodbeam, my foodblog. sometimes, I have the feeling I should stop writing over there, but just the thought of it makes me shiver.

hard times. decision making.

I might go for a small night road trip, an uncanny obsession of mine.

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journalthat night {one}


I’ve really missed taking pictures and writing here. hopefully as soon as the holiday season will have flown by things are going to get back to normal.

today was the most perfect Christmas day ever. present-opening. hot chocolate-drinking. turkey-eating. movie-watching. iPod-touching. hope yours was lovely too.

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