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journalstrawberry milk {5}


today I feel overwhelmingly happy.

I’m making matcha whoopie pies. I had the nicest dinner in bed with a special friend yesterday night. and I found the most perfect theme for my tumblr blog.

ps. we watched dear john late at night and I cried. it was quite moving. oh and I also changed the header for this little journal. still unsure. come what may!

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inspiration, to-dodocument {2}


(image from Angela Kohler)

to-do: document my daily life through a paper notebook.

I guess this blogs acts like a make-believe journal, but I really want to put everything into a paper notebook.

I have one started on the first of september – and kept for three months – that records small happenings through words, photos, paperclips, and drawings.

I have another one with only words and drawings. it lasted one month. january.

now, I just find myself too busy to take the time to sit down and write/print/draw. but after seeing Angela’s notebook, I felt so inspired.

she has the most lovely stop-motion film too (thanks Jeska).

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inspirationlà haut {comments closed}


there are many things that get me excited at the moment. things I look forward to. in my personal life, as well as in the world that spin arounds me.

this movie totally is one of them. as for the other things, well, you’ll have to wait until I finally plug my camera into my laptop. probably a couple of days, or weeks, or perhaps more likely, years.

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inspiration, journaldreams, not as daft as they seem {2}

I’ve been literally stuck in bed for the past twenty-four hours due to a mean food poisoning. and although I’m starting to feel a little better, everything just seems blurry around me. just as it would in a dream.

and you do know how happy dreams make me. so here is my little happiness list for today.

• michel gondry’s movies are beautiful. I think eternal sunshine of the spotless mind might actually be my very favourite film ever; although, I must confess I really like the science of sleep as well. I’ve had it on repeat for many many hours, and I still can’t help but smile.

just listen to the very first lines of the movie:
tonight, I’ll show you how dreams are prepared. people think it’s a very simple and easy process, but it’s a bit more complicated than that.
as you can see, a very delicate combination of complex ingredients is the key. first, we put in some random thoughts. and then, we add a little bit of reminiscences of the day… mixed with some memories from the past.
that’s for two people. love, friendships, relationships… and all those ‘ships’, together with songs you heard during the day, things you saw, and also, personal… ok, I think it’s one.
there it goes. yes.

• • speaking of dreams, there is something I think about a lot, and yet don’t know how to formulate accurately. the thing is I’ve always seen my bed as a cosy raft. where all I need is reachable, and which could take me to the wildest places.

so everytime I see pictures of boats as bedding pieces – think tim walker – my dreams become a little more true. this time, anthropologie‘s catalogue just feels perfect.

• • • this beautiful secret hero of these poems necklace made by the talented duo behind lizzie fortunato totally looks like something I would make for myself.

it’s damn gorgeous, so gorgeous in fact that it does make me happy. has anybody heard of temperatures-induced aesthetics-emotion-enhancement? well, it seems that’s what I’m going through right now. it does make me a little sad though because I really wish I took more time to make jewelery. some day, perhaps.

• • • • as usual, muriel babery never fails to please me. after reading – or more accurately, savouring – her first novel, une gourmandise; I simply couldn’t resist her second book.

from the depressing statement about the pointlessness of life, I have the feeling that it might evolve into a message of hope and happiness. but, I guess I’ll have to wait until the very last pages. meanwhile, I keep writing down the sentences that touch me the most onto neat cardboard index cards.

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inspirationone in all of us {comments closed}


ever since I spotted this movie poster on kitsune noir, I haven’t been able to get it out from my head. not even for a single second.

love they say it is.

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inspirationeternal sunshine of the spotless mind {one}


I have no words to express how I feel about this movie. the only thing I’m certain about is that I want to watch it over and over again. like a seamless thread of beautiful images.

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inspirationje vais bien, ne t’en fais pas {comments closed}


last night my sister and I decided to the heavy rain and fog to rent a couple of movies. je vais bien ne t’en fait pas was one of them.

beautiful and moving.

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