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journalthe golden hour {3}


I woke up to the most gorgeous shades of gold. this new morning light feels exciting. x

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journalalright {one}


flowers on a sunny London morning.

once again, the clouds have disappeared, and I have the feeling that today is going to be lovely.

it’s mothering sunday here, so for lunch we’re offering a special menu at the restaurant. and the dessert is deliciously simple: an apple tarte fine with vanilla icecream.

bonne fête maman! and have a nice sunday. x

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food, journalsparkling moments {one}


pain choc



I just developed my very first (well, accurately, it’s more of the second, but we don’t count the actual first one right) roll of film, and I’m in love.

the pictures are perfect. thirteen moments, stopped in time. the weekend guillaume and I spent in entrevaux was sweet and lovely.

the water passed by. we had a delicious pain au chocolat breakfast at our favourite café. then I read a swedish book (or perhaps, should I say the swedish book of the moment).

plus, have you seen how those three pictures together make the most beautiful colour gradient?


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food, journalmonday morning happiness {3}

pain choc


this morning (ahem, 5am), I had to drive my boyfriend to work. a pretty long journey, luckily on the way back, the boulangerie was opened, and I treated myself to a couple of warm-from-the-oven pains au chocolat.

perfect morning deliciousness.

did you get a chance to spoil yourself on this first day of the week?

ps. sorry for the poor picture. it was still dark outside, and mow I’m going back to bed with a satisfied tummy. xo

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