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sometimes, the simplest things turn into magic. and to me, this is the beauty of the everyday.

one. baking bread.
two. rainy days with thunder.
three. laughing. always and forever more.
four. looking at the world through a camera.
five. getting lost.

what feels like magic to you?

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magic bracelet


the past two days have been like magic to me. lets hope tomorrow is going to be just as good.

yesterday, I got some good news. we went to the woods for a quiet promenade. he found the cutest acorn, and I took a picture of it with my beloved pentax.

today, I printed some of my pictures, and hung them to my wall. I talked about this on foodbeam. I wrote on index cards again. I made pierre hermé’s tarte infiniment vanille.

tomorrow, I will sort my papers. I will make a triptych, just like I used to. I will knit. I will go to an exciting sleepover. he promised he would make crêpes for dinner. I. can’t. wait.

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