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journalone more chance {5}




after – what feels like – days and days of hard (six am to six pm) work, I’ve finally gotten the chance to settle in my bed on this saturday morning to tell you the good news.

1. guillaume will be taking his BTM (advanced pastry diploma) this upcoming monday, and he’s lucky enough to have me as a commis.
2. the days are getting shorter. and it’s been heavily pouring for the past few days.
3. thunder and lightnings woke me up last night. oh autumn, I love you.

so we still have a lot to do for his exam. recipe cards, organisation… and SO much more. hence the quietness around here for the upcoming week end. hope it will be an exciting one for you.

I’ll see you next week with a daily feature about my favourite blogs. x

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journaldream catcher {one}



after ten-hours plus of work at the new pâtisserie, my needs are reduced to food, love, and sleep.

however, my head retained its ability to produce some of the best dreams ever.

right now, I want my boyfriend, his car, possibly some good wine. we’d go to the mountains, sleep in the boot, on an inflatable mattress, covered with warm duvet covers, listen to crazy music and laugh until our cheek hurt. or maybe, we could just go to london, get a nice cosy flat, and lie in bed all day.

right now, I also want my gremlin. just her presence would do me good.

ps. can you believe I just recently took yet another pictures of my window? damn, I do love those linen curtains.

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journalle pays des larmes {one}




this past weekend has been a collection of coincidental accidents. everything happened so quickly, almost at the same time, leaving no place for solutions.

after barely three hours of sleep, a full breakfast, a hug, and some nice words, it all smoothed down. back to a better and happier normal.

it’s weird how it sometimes takes hard times to realise how lucky/inlove/happy you are.

I think we have something good. it just took some time to catch it. now, it’s here, securely locked. together we stand. happier than ever.

ps. thank you so much for the kind comments on my last post. nothing is certain, but I have the feeling I might regain my love for foodbeam. xx

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inspiration, journalcacahuète {comments closed}

three things I love tonight.

• vintage cameras I’ve found at the snokeler’s house. more than loving photography, his dad – a graphic designer – has a fondness for printing. hence the gorgeous letterpress I happen to come across in the basement. 

•• luna lovegood’s radish earrings. I remember trying to make myself some years ago, at which time they turned out great but not as lovely as these ones.

••• the snokeler loves the sx70 I gave him for his birthday a couple of months ago. we now have a pile of pretty/fun/crazy/gorgeous polaroids sitting next to his bed.

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journalon side {comments closed}


blue seems to be everywhere at the moment. in fact, I strongly believe this might be the reason why I’ve been feeling so happy lately.

this and the snokeler, that is.

I have many things on my to-do list today. but I’ve decided I should just do three of them, so it somehow feels do-able.

• make a charlotte, with homemade biscuits cuillères, and a fromage blanc and raspberry mousse.
•• take a nap (this is going to happen very soon, probably before lunch; hmmmm sleep is good to me).
••• sort the things that have been sitting in boxes ever since I moved in – a short nine moths ago.

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handmade, journalwe sure are cute {comments closed}


this is somewhat of a real-time post. I’m home, and painting pretty dinosaurs to decorate my newly white-walled bedroom.

dinosaur love. just what I need.

this is so unperfect. so unfinished. and yet, I like it. hope you do too. xo

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journalbe mine {one}


I know I should probably post about the first scribble sheet I ever filled, but right now, this one just feels more appropriate. somehow fitting. plus, there is a part about the awesome birthday-date he threwfor me a short week ago!

and in case you’re wondering. I am fine. and terribly happy. it’s funny to see how fast things can change. from miserable, to exstatic. hopefully, I’ll stay in the latter mood for years and years. love you. xo

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food, journalhappiness {one}


things still feel like walking on moving sands with the boy, so I have to focus on what makes me truly happy.

and as soon as I found this, I knew I had to make my own list. yeah.

1 :: kissing you, again and again
2 :: tiramisu ice cream
3 :: making my dreams come true
4 :: making your dreams come true
5 :: rainbows, preferably on side of unicorns
6 :: taking polaroid pictures of the clouds
7 :: collecting random pretty things
8 :: being in love
9 :: learning something new
10 :: eating a good pan bagna

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journalpaper boat note {comments closed}


I found this old note he wrote me and folded into a pretty little boat while we were in class. it made me sick. his writing, his words, his smell. how did we get so close only to disappear from each other’s life. the most intense love. vanished.

it’s funny how stories never really end. sure, they do in in appearance. but deep inside, they remain, quiet and calm, hoping to find the right moment to make their way back.

I know I shouldn’t keep this, but I think it might end up on my inspiration wall as soon as my bedroom will be all shiny and white. I just can’t help it.

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inspirationsilent alarm {comments closed}


I’ve been collecting images from my favourite blogs for the past days/weeks without getting a chance to post about them.

I just hung a picture of joanna, her chéri, and their pink balloon onto one of the walls of my bedroom.

nike loves sasha. I do too.

I’ve been dreaming of a blue house under the snow. benedicte made this come true.

peanut butter and cheerios remind me of K. kristina does really take the best pictures.

barbara‘s gorgeous clothing line.

breath-taking embroided notebooks by jessie.

mareen looks happy.

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