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food, journala must {3}


two things that made my day (aside from hanging around with Aïda). both offered by the gigantic Selfridges.

one. a box of Pierre Hermé’s macarons. all twelve flavours.
two. four papermate felt-tip pens. I always feel the need to stock on these.

and if I’m completely honest, I must admit I couldn’t live without both. pâtisserie and scribbling*. not to mention photographing.
* which shall be added to my basics.

do you have such things that acts as reminders of your musts?

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journalbasic {4}


a couple of days ago, Guillaume and I had that discussion about what are the basic needs we both have. he helped a lot with mine, and we found five points.

one. have a boyfriend.
two. be visually inspired.
three. shop for food, then cook and take pictures.
four. explore the world and talk about it on the internet.
five. smoke cigarettes.

if he wants to I could share his five points as well.
what are your basic needs?

ps. I really really like that picture of him. I think it quite defines his very essence. in fact, our very essence.

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journalarc-en-ciel {3}


it’s still pretty early here in London. too early to quit my duvet cover and open the curtains.

I’m still almost asleep, but can’t stop looking at my film pictures of Entrevaux. the place where time seems to stop. only love and happiness remain.

a bit like how I feel today, listening to outdoors sounds from my very own nest.

three things I will do today.

1. wander around town with my pentax camera.
2. have lunch with a friend.
3. work on the cookbook I want to publish.

three things I wish would happen.

1. spend days off with my boyfriend.
2. work less than twelve to fifteen hours a day.
3. cook more at home.

I also wish I could spend my week ends in Entrevaux, where time always seems to stop.

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to-doforteresse {one}


(image by Jamie Shaw)

to-do: build a fort and live in it for a month.

what is on your to-do list today? short term list involves a lot of napping, blog reading, and cake making. long term is still a little secret.

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to-dosalvation moutain {one}

salvation moutain

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::(image by jaynonymous)

I’ve been thinking about the utter meaning of life lately. a self-imposed dissertation to figure out the ins and outs was even written today.

as a result, I’ve found out that:
1) I should probably refrain my determination to make my life how I want it to be, in order to truly enjoy the things I already have.
2) I should list everything I want.

the first idea that came to my mind was salvation moutain. although my factual mind forbids me to believe in anything bar mathematics and physics, I have the feeling this place might be one of the most inspiring ever.

what do you want to do before it gets too late?

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journalcold and happy {one}




it sometimes feels weird to notice that when I want or have many things to do/make, I seem to get lost.

does this happens to you too?

here is my very own list at the moment.

one, make an embroided Christmas present for Guillaume.
two, develop an amazing caramel macaron filling.
three, paint our own version of London’s map.
four, file the paperworks.
five, make our home pretty.
six, buy a couple of Moleskine notebooks.
seven, draw the invitation for our very own Christmas special party.
eight, make some truffle cupcakes.
nine, find the perfect colouring tools.
ten, get a tattoo on my wrist.

right now, I think I might simply go for a walk. I always seem to: take lovely pictures, collect some twigs, and feel cold and happy!

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journalhot and cold {5}



a list of things that make me happy, as off right now.

1. being nicknamed bibi by my mum.
2. moving to London in – what feels like – a couple of hours.
3. finding out that my camera isn’t broken. the battery simply needed charging.
4. having a hot date with my boyfriend at Damart* (hence, hot as in opposed to cold).
5. loading new film into the much much loved instax mini.
6. getting my clothes/things ready and not knowing how I’m going to stuff all this into ONE suitcase.

* getting ready for London’s freezing temperatures.

what makes you happy today? I WANT TO KNOW. xx see you soonish after yet another mid-week weekend.

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food, handmade, journalaujourd’hui {one}



today’s to-do list makes me feel happy.

one. make soft trees (picture by Shanna Murray) using this perfect pattern. I’m thinking of a combination of white, cream, brown and red.

two. make cookies (picture by Heidi Swanson). perhaps with pumpkin, a touch of cinnamon and crushed daims. yum!

three. finish the fabric garland I started a year ago. I want it huge so I can hang it on the ceiling of our new flat.

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handmade, journalthere will be another one {2}

fly away


a couple of things I’m going to do this special week end.

1. seat at a cafe terrasse and get as many diabolos kiwi as humanly possible.
2. read, read, read.
3. knit the knits, and purls the purls.
4. hike to the most gorgeous cascade.
5. swim in ice-cold waters.
6. be happy.

hope you’re having a blast. if not, please, please, feel free to use my very own hot-air balloon for fun times. see you on wednesday. xx

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journalmagic {comments closed}

magic bracelet


the past two days have been like magic to me. lets hope tomorrow is going to be just as good.

yesterday, I got some good news. we went to the woods for a quiet promenade. he found the cutest acorn, and I took a picture of it with my beloved pentax.

today, I printed some of my pictures, and hung them to my wall. I talked about this on foodbeam. I wrote on index cards again. I made pierre hermé’s tarte infiniment vanille.

tomorrow, I will sort my papers. I will make a triptych, just like I used to. I will knit. I will go to an exciting sleepover. he promised he would make crêpes for dinner. I. can’t. wait.

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