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this monday has been tough on me despite a somewhat late – eight am – wake-up time, a bright sun, and a walk through hyde park with Guillaume.

to be completely honest and accurate, I am exhausted.

quite happily, I found a moustache on the sidewalk. reminding me of my best friend Anna-Sarah, and the amazing times we spent together laughing, making things, and eating. I miss her.

enjoy this last winter week. on my side of the world, it’s pretty much going to be about slowing down and making the most of every moment.

one remedy: the stash of polaroid film that got delivered today. I’m thrilled! it’s almost been ten months since I last had some on my hands.

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a fortnight ago, Anna-Sarah came over to my house and we had the most exciting things-making session. we could not stop new ideas from popping. and we just had to materialise them, then take pictures of the objects and process.

my favourite might be the gorgeous ostrich feathers hair adornment; with golden sequins, cream tulle and a flower made of folded a gold ribbon (not shown here since we were trying the tulle/sequins first). or maybe it’s the lovely marine-inspired earring I made.

leather thread. blue crab. pretty feathers. and brown coral.

but I must admit, I have a weak spot for the hair comb Anna-Sarah made. I simply can’t resist a Spring breeze in my hair.

now I just need to get everything ready before we can finally open our shop. keep your fingers crossed for me . please.

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I’m almost sleeping, but before diving into my wild dreams, I had to tell you what a happy day today has been.

probably close to perfect. Anna-Sarah came over. we had red wine and braised lentils for lunch. illustration and things-making for dessert. pretty sweet.

here is the drawing I made. I really really like it. feathers are gorgeous. and I’m now off to bed. xx

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