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inspirationpandalily {3}

lily panda id mag


forget autumn. forget the rain. and forget acorns. I could even give my uggs away for such adorableness.

lily allen, dressed up as a panda for id magazine (august 09). I must admit I’m a little proud that we were born on the same day.

she’s fantastic. and I actually have her latest album on shuffle as I write this. lily, I love you.

(thanks Elsie for this great find).

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wishlistrainy days {one}

although it’s still super*hot around here, I’ve somehow been in an autumnal mood lately. wishing for rainy days, hot chocolate, and gum boots walks.

here are two things that could make the upcoming season even better.

• new ugg boots. perhaps in grey. with a button, but without would do just as perfectly.


•• pretty cases to carry my laptop and iPod around. now, if only hard graft did some nice camera bags. any recommendations for sophisticated yet simple ones?

hard graft

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