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journalsixteenth {2}


the planned unwinding took place sooner than expected as I woke up early this morning only to find myself too sick to go to work.

in between naps, I found the time to take a couple of polaroid pictures, experimenting with this film.
having removed the ND2 filter of the electric eye ages ago, I had to make up for it by using sunglasses. and it’s quite tricky. I need a new filter.

the sound of the shutter had an instant effect on me. it makes me happy. I love film. and polaroid cameras.

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inspiration, journalinspiration wall {5}




here is the white wall I was talking about yesterday night. it’s not-so-white anymore. and I love it.

plus, the cabinet is one I’ve had for years and years. expect it was naked wood before, and now, after a little sanding and painting, it’s as white as snow. no need to buy new furniture.

I really wish I had taken pictures of my room before we painted the walls white, and rearranged the cupboards that surround my bed. it would have made a pretty sweet before/after.

at least, you now have a glimpse of the after. I still need to add some more pictures and inspiring paper clips, but so far I like it.

do you? and, for more inspiration, how does your perfect bedroom would look like?

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inspiration, journalthe monkey on your back is the latest trend {one}

somehow, I really feel like doing more and more totally pointless-and-random posts like that one I wrote the other day from the bottom of my favourite duvet cover. and yet, I’d find it strange to give up the old and much-loved images :::::: words.
not so fundamental, right?

anyway, I’m downright tired since I worked for twelve hours, with a bare three-hour sleeping time due to some late night hanging out with a special someone; but I thought I’d share some images from the past couple of days, which have been exciting.

• this little person. a baby donkey. he totally made my day. he was so soft and cuddly I could have spent my entire life around him.
I love the way some animals clearly stand out as secret-keepers and love-givers. he was one of them.

• • while I don’t like gardening I find that taking pictures of flowers is an intensely soothing activity. and everytime I spot dandelions, I can’t help but think about the fantasia movie. speaking of fantasia, we also watched the neverending story yesterday. it was epic. love.

• • • I got to sleep with my favourite person ever – namely, aïda, my sister – and yes, we do make crazy and totally unshowable faces when we wake up, especially when attacked by a bright camera flash.
I know this is probably silly, but I have a special fondness for portraits that don’t show the usual prettiness. we had such a laugh, I want this memory to be locked on paper. yes, this exact moment when our faces became distorted, our eyes started crying, and our giggles could be heard from the mountains.

• • • • I’ve just been adding some pictures and other things onto my wall. I think I’ll photograph the process to see how it will evolve from the almost-blank wall that stands right in front of me.

have a nice week-end. xx

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