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journalétude {3}


I spent most of my night analysing the folding techniques of japanese pastries since I’ve planned to make matcha brioches tomorrow.

quite obviously, by looking at the gorgeous blogs, I had a sudden urge to redesign mine; the japanese way. an old book, a couple of framed pictures, and lots of white.

I haven’t put it on yet because I need your advice. do you like it?

ps. after many minutes spent doodling the folding process, I realised it was a simple tour double. just like for puff pastry!
at least I have a cute illustration.

edit. thanks for the advices. Laura you’re just so right. I need to keep the paper boat. I didn’t know how to include it, but hopefully it works this way:

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inspirationla flore des environs de paris {3}


as you may know, I have a bit of an obsession with botanical plates and herbariums. I find those neatly arranged collections very inspiring.

and I have the feeling you do too. I hence thought I would share these mind-blowing illustrations from La flore des environs de Paris, a 1776 book.

the vintage printable website is possibly my favourite of the year. and I won’t dare to count the hours that will be spent browsing through the plethora of gorgeous imaging.

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inspirationnational park {one}

(image by Anna Bond)

I don’t think it can get any better than this.

ps. I clearly want to get this for Guillaume and I.

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inspirationalong the way {3}

comfort zone

(picture by notebookdoodles)

I’m just dropping by real quick after an amazing first day of work at the Capital hotel restaurant (two michelin stars, my friends, are high maintenance) to show you my latest crush.

notebookdoodles, found via Marthe‘s blog advent calendar, is a gorgeous little blog.

and yes, somewhere along the way HE became my comfort zone. I didn’t see it coming. surprise!

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inspiration, wishlistxmas wishlist, the tattoo {comments closed}



bow (by heidifurre), testing out the calligraphy tools (by kate), nobility (by kate), *’_’* (by .bu).

I want a tattoo: on the inner wrist, with my own handwriting, and possibly a small drawing. most definitely with a handmade feel.

does anyone have good recommendation for a tattoo parlour in London? oh please say yes.
I have been waiting for this tattoo for so long, and now I’ve found what I want to write on my skin, it is simply the right time.

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journalimproved {2}




thanks for all the wishes. you are just so adorable. I wish I could all invite you here, in our small flat, and we could have tea with homemade scones and jam.

this seems highly unlikely to happen, but the least I can do is to show you our latest home improvement: a clouds polaroid heart with our much-loved Habitat analog clock + the gorgeous krakatoa poster from Elisabeth.

x fanny

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journaltwenty five {3}



it’s already the first of December. plus, we’ve now been in London for over two weeks.

time has flown by so quickly. I’ve had my ups and downs; no later than yesterday, but do make wishes / cross your fingers for me today, as I’m onto something new and exciting.

today from eleven am, I’ll have to convince a chef that I can be part of his team.

see you tomorrow for an update and possibly a Christmas advent drawing. x

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wishlistkrakatoa {one}


(image by Elisabeth)

ok, I had to wait until the actual date to post this, since I really wanted to get one myself.

the most gorgeous poster ever, by Elisabeth, is going on sale today! run. now.

ps. and it’s perfect with this white RIBBA frame from Ikea.

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inspiration, journallost {2}



(image from gemma’s journal)

I have lost my paper journal. and it makes me sad.

it was the perfect mix of writing / photography / documenting / inspiring. and quite personal too, hope it didn’t land somewhere it doesn’t belong.

it only lasted two months, and now, I just have to start another. anything nice to cheer me up?

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inspirationcollections {4}











yesterday, I came across this gorgeous children dictionary at a friend’s house, and found the collection panels very inspiring.

especially the minerals.

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