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food, journalinstant like {3}


inspired by Marthe, I put together a short list of current likes. in random order.

a large mug of cafe latte.
the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
a collection of things.
my favourite face in the entire world.
growing plants, preferably edible.
the elegance of the hedgehog.
a blank moleskine, waiting to be filled.
going mushroom picking.
a walk to the tate modern.
or even better, a bike ride.
spending time with a friend who draws beautifully.
an old pentax me super.
making a lemon meringue tart for the people I love.
a glass of sirop d’orgeat, possibly with a pink straw.
welcoming autumn. slowly.
a good song. from bloc party, nada surf, snow patrol or air.

what do you like the most right now?

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food, inspiration, journaland if you feel {2}

(top image from the Pier cookbook)

the old lady that I am had to give up at work today after feeling so drowsy I could not even move. I could, however, think. about what makes me super happy right now.

in random order.

basil seeds. I’ve seen them everywhere over the span of a couple of days. in popsicles. on salmon carpaccio. and in my new favourite cookbook (picture above is the amazing honeydew melon soup with coconut sorbet and tapioca. love at the first sight).

books. while I’m at it, I must mention my recent favourite reads. I think I stated it pretty clearly above, but one of them is Pier by Greg Doyle. the second is Made in England by Aiden Byrne.

polaroid. and especially the fact that my polaroid spectra has the loveliest bokeh ever.

matcha bubble tea. before I even tasted one, I knew I was going to love it. and I do. so much that I just got one kg of big rainbow tapioca pearls in china town.

sweet purple yam. I still don’t know what I’m going to make out of it. but I’m pretty excited.

it seems my thoughts have geared towards food lately. I’ve been feeling overly inspired by exotic ingredients. I’m so grateful to be living my dream. being a pastry chef is beyond what I could have imagined. some call it bliss. I simply see it as evident.

what makes you happy right now? or perhaps, what are your latest culinary discoveries?

ps. in case you’re wondering, the food diary is on a break, but everything is going just fine. I think I’ll just post an update weekly so not to bore you with unexciting details about my food consumption.

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food, journalpeach {comments closed}


today was all about movie-watching, cosy blanket-snuggling. flu is what they call it. I’d much rather take this as an opportunity to listen to the rain drops hitting my window.

ps. Mary, thank you for the link. I love her illustrations. they’re so lovely.

a large bowl of gazpacho.
one white peach.

a toastie made of one slice of whole-wheat bread and a little grated mozzarella.

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food, journalsushi love {one}


happiness is around the corner my lovelies. I feel ecstatic.

the only down-side is that I realised I consume a little too much eggs. but as sad as it is, they are the only source of protein available widely at work.

anyway, I treated myself with some sushi for dinner. so lovely. and a change from the albumin.

my week end is around the corner too. and the thought of a long night of sleep and cheeks hurting from laughing too much does sound very appealing.

one glass of tomato juice.
one hard boiled egg.

one semi-skimmed milk latte.

a bowl of salad with tomatoes and omelette.
fresh watermelon wedge.
a couple of dark chocolate chips (manjari, my love).

one skinny iced latte.

suhis with edamame beans.

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food, journaltomato juice {comments closed}


here is my attempt at making goals two and three become real. I’m going to record the food I eat (and the possible – hooray – weight loss) and draw/photograph at least one thing per day.

today will be day one. just because there is no coherent reason to wait until next monday to start this experiment.

wish me luck.

ps. no, I haven’t dropped my summer project, I’ve just been off for a few days. being a fluo kid, partying until the sun comes out, and drinking coffee during the day.

one glass of tomato juice.
one semi-skimmed latte.

salad + vinegar.
one chicken breast.
one egg.
a small bowl of fresh fruits.

a spoonful of milk-chocolate ganache (hmmm let’s say: taste check).

one skinny iced latte.

a sandwich made of two slices of brown bread, a couple of slices of ham, and salad.

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inspiration, journalfifteen {2}


today, I didn’t take any picture. I’m happy to see things with my heart. indeed, one sees clearly only with the heart; anything essential is invisible to the eyes.

I find these words from my very favourite childhood book beautiful.

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journaltwelve {one}


this is how summer days roll. a couple of drinks. you sit on the sidewalk. watch the dogs pass by. that aussie friend makes you laugh. a bit too much to admit it.

and, eventually, you forget you even own a camera.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the daily pictures. enjoy the last day of your week (and quite paradoxically, the first of mine).

what is your perfect summer day?

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journalhappy {5}


I still can’t believe it. and yet.

the bestest thing to wake up to.

ps. as my sister wisely said: it’s sweet, but it remains pictures of my feet. gross!

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journalcerf-volant {7}


amongst other things involving cheap red wine, a lot of sleeping, a few too many laughs, and some fun games, here is what happened.

my very first tattoo. I couldn’t be more excited and literally can’t stop looking at my feet. it’s just so amazing to have a unique and homemade sign.

for the first time ever, I do feel like I am myself. as if something was missing. and now, I won’t have the need to draw on my skin constantly.

what is your dream ink?

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journalnew {3}


three new things that make me happy.

one. the fantastic polaroid spectra, or more accurately, a minolta instant pro. this is my (only and) very first shot. I’m in love, already.

two. some illustrations I made for foodbeam. drawing feels like kissing, for hours.

three. the bridge that I cross every night. the view from my bike is just breath-taking. I love riding back and forth to work. such a lovely moment.

any happy list to share?

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