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today, I feel like exploring the past; which is quite unusual for me who much rather live in the present and dream about the future.

recent past: out visit to Ikea on the day after we arrived to London.
a pretty bad fish and chips. a sweet daim cake. a delicate gas station just outside the store. a delicious cinnamon roll to eat in the bus.

past past: this blog has gone through so many changes. design, content, name… this got me thinking about the day on which I thought I had lost the database forever. it felt both terrifying and refreshing.
sometimes, I really want to erase everything and start from an empty page.
other times, I just feel like I should give this blog a new look/name (yes, I know, again?).

do you like looking back, or are you more of a future-driven person?

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wishlistkrakatoa {one}


(image by Elisabeth)

ok, I had to wait until the actual date to post this, since I really wanted to get one myself.

the most gorgeous poster ever, by Elisabeth, is going on sale today! run. now.

ps. and it’s perfect with this white RIBBA frame from Ikea.

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food, journaldalahäst {2}

ikea dala horse pan

ikea dala horse pan


I’m pretty happy today because my boyfriend is at home and we’re doing exciting things, such as: knitting and making a fondant au chocolat (recipe here, except we use milk chocolate this time, and only 300g sugar instead of the 400g the recipe calls for).

as I’m typing this, he’s actually knitting his very own scarf – yes, the one I wanted to gave him as a present for christmas. a soft black alpaca wool scarf. me wantey too.

but well, he’s seriously fast, and now off to the kitchen for some chocolate action. I’m thrilled with the new little tins he got me at ikea yesterday. dalahäst chocolate cake with crushed daim.

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