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getting back to work was kind of exhausting, especially after the week Aïda and I spent exploring London.

right now, I dream about a walk through hyde park, a box of pierre hermé’s macarons, and an afternoon spent working on my book.

right now, I have the most gem of a boyfriend, some macarons to make at work, and a couple of posts to write for foodbeam.

what are your dreams?

ps. thank you so much for all your suggestions to my last post. I heart you!

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journalplump {4}

squirrel eating a peanut


after too many hours to admit it spent on the computer this morning*, I decided to make the best of this not-so-rainy off day and go for a walk (with the secret aim to find a large soft-cover squared notebook = FAIL).

but I met someone on the way. the plumpest little person, eating a peanut. he (I assume he’s a boy from all this muscle – hmmm, love handles) made my day.

now, as usual, I’m curious to know what made your monday the best day of the week?

ps. only tens days until Christmas (this also gets me super*excited).

* I have put together the sweetest blurb book for Guillaume’s Christmas. in case you want to do the same, do rush. tomorrow is the deadline for getting your book printed/sent by your door before THE day.

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