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journalcotton {3}


they say it’s going to snow this week. golden avenues will turn into cotton.

now, I just keep my fingers crossed, wearing a thick wool hat and warm boots. ready for the magic to happen.

anne-laure. j’adore la notion de se creer une sorte de vie paralelle ou seuls les moments precieux sont conserves.

esther. it’s somtimes difficult to see what others can see in my writing and pictures. for me, they act as a reminder of that little secret corner of my life that I love so much.

kristina. and it was indeed like a dream. we were forced not to leave tips according to the japanese custom. but the warmth of the place and the fact that the waiter kept refilling our cups with hot tea felt perfect.

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journalthey were undersea {comments closed}


they had met during a night made of cold wind, unmatched socks, cherry lollipops, and possibly too many monkey glands.

it might have been the smudged glitters around her eyes. or the fact that they had the same front teeth.
but that night, they kissed. they stopped breathing. they screamed; at times with reasons, most of the time without.

a storm. pouring rain. to the eye, they were just sat on the watered down pavement. but details as such should be forgotten.
they knew they were undersea; submerged, deep. running away from surprises and ignoring alarms.

after all, there was a storm in progress.

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journala pattern {10}


lately, I’ve noticed how things have started to settle down into a pattern.

one that feels beautiful and soothing. just like a hot latte does – whether it is matcha or coffee.

because, by all accounts, details like this do not matter. the smell of rain, the dreams we have, the taste of wild salmon. those are the only things we should think about.

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journala year {2}


it’s too easy to let life consume our dreams. so whenever I feel overwhelmed I go for a walk.

beautiful music, sunshine in my eyes, fresh wind, a camera – or two – to seize the moment. as a reminder of why things have to be as such and why I have to slow down every now and then.

only to be ready again for more adventures and fun times.

in fact, after wandering through my neighbourhood this afternoon, my mind feels crisp – perhaps not as much as the air – but I’m finally embracing autumn – for good this time. orange leaves and early sunsets are my new favourites.

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journalare like music to me {2}


three summer essentials for the couple of hours I get to spend at the park during my break.

one. the perfect ballerines. after years spent looking for a replica of the simplest repetto I had back in 2003, topshop made those. same pastel pink. same thin sole. same leather. I am in love.

two. the notebook. and as usual, the papermate felt-tip pen. to work on my little big project.

three. the coffee. a grande skinny iced latte. just enough caffeine to keep me going and make pastries until late at night.

ps. I’m currently listening to a lovely playlist, which I quite fittingly called calm down. here is one of the tracks. the words. the words.

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what are your three summer essentials?

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journaldébut {9}


the one question: are you going to miss him or what you two had more? as much as I didn’t want it to be this way, the answer I gave from the blue became more and more of a statement as time went by.

and for the first time, I have the opportunity to make it right and the time to take care of myself.

here is my plan to a healthy, happy me.

one. focus on the people I love and stick to them. it’s just too easy not to close. and too sad as well.

two. run to work. or at least try to. I’ve found a nice eight-week program to achieve a five kilometres jog (such a coincidence that the actual distance between flat and work matches).

three. stop being the person other people want me to be. in the end, I will just feel overwhelmed.

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food, journalrecently {2}


a new month begins. in thirty days I will turn twenty-five. I’m still undecided for my wishlist. I just know I want something bold to remember what a long way I have come.

recently, I have – in alphabetical order:

one. made apple tarts.
two. eaten a warm salad of beetroot and goat cheese.
three. molded a dark chocolate bar and sprinkled it with with maldon sea salt.
four. seen the roses Guillaume gave me for our first anniversary getting dry.
five. spotted some blooming flowers in hyde park.
six. dreamed about actual floating lamps.
seven. loved this laundry string.
eight. thought that red and green is pretty.
nine. taken a walk on a sunny morning.
ten. felt overwhelmed by the building around trafalgar square.

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journalthe squirrel {2}


here is our new friend who followed us through hyde park. he was so adorable. and really liked pecan nuts; which are also a favourite of mine.

so are: having friends visiting, going to a nice restaurant, being in love with foodbeam, making cheesecake, and getting wet with spring rain showers.

have a lovely week!

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journalwelcome {one}


many things make me happy right now. things like spotting blooming flowers or meeting a new friend.

spring is here again! and it feels lovely.

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journalthe birds {6}


it’s been such a sunny week in London. and all the birds of the serpentine river seemed excited, even when the sun set.

today, I’m inspired by this blog redesign. and this amazing list of kitchen utensils.

today, I need to go to work soon. write my book for an hour or two. take pictures of the desserts we make at the capital.

what are your plans for this monday?

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