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journalthe last day {7}

peanut top











although most of the day got spent on stuff-packing (yes, we are finally moving to London – like TOMORROW) – which I don’t particularly enjoy (and that’s and understatement) – we had the best surprises.

a new member of the family. please welcome Mister Peanut, possibly the sweetest bunny ever.

a gorgeous poster sent all the way from Sweden. oh yes, that one, made by Elisabeth for Studio Violet.

a pretty pile of lost polaroid pictures that will go straight onto our Kensington-flat naked walls.

a white guirlande, for the tree we’re planning on buying tomorrow night. any tips for buying Christmas trees in London? please.

an amazing one-colour-a-month Moleskine daily diary. I just can’t wait for 2010 to begin! let’s not rush though.

hope you had lovely surprises too on this Friday that marks a new beginning for me. I might not be able to post for a while, but I’ll make sure to think about you every day.

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inspirationdreams {one}




I’m litteraly dreaming of this house.

for the perfect kitchen. white le creuset pot pans. wooden work table. white flooring and ceiling.

and the cosy nest. cement tent. grey cushions. pretty reading lamp.

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inspiration, journalone week {3}

eva lindh

(picture by Eva Lindh)

in exactly one week, we’ll be sleeping in our new flat. in London. right now, we’re more excited than jumping bunnies.

the fact that Christmas is around might have something to do with it as well. in fact, we’ve already planned to rush to a Christmas tree patch and get one, on the day we arrive.

it will have handmade ornaments like a paper garland, frosted cinnamon biscuits, and wool pompoms.

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inspirationpolaroid wall {comments closed}

polaroid wall ter

polaroid wall bis

polaroid wall

polaroid wall quar


I used to have a polaroid heart (with the cloud polaroids) on my wall, but so much more options seem to pop.

do you have a favourite?

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inspiration, wishlista toast home {comments closed}



city change + new flat = interior design folie.

toast a/w home collection
oozes cosiness. whisper words like rugs, hottie, slippers and socks, and you’ll make me the happiest girl.

yeah to winter!


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inspiration, wishlistmieke willems {comments closed}

mieke willems


Veronik and Mieke’s shop is full of favourites. I can’t wait to move into my new flat to palce some orders.

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