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journalup and down {2}


I love to take walks with my camera as it gives me a reason to slow down and observe the world. up and down.

it feels like it has been too long since I last spent a quiet moment like this one, when in fact it was just… yesterday.

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journalfinds {2}

dream pond

dream tattoo


sometimes it’s best to put some blinkers on to only see the best in life and forget about the rest (that goes somewhere along the lines of this-sore-throat-kills-me and I-am-working-way-too-much).

so today, from the bottom of my bed, I want to share with you three funny finds I have made during the past few weeks.

one. chickpeas are shy little guys. Guillaume put some to soak in the kitchen. and at night, we wondered where that popping noise came from. we checked the kitchen only to discover the pops stopped when we got in only to start again when we had our backs turned. shy, they are indeed.

two. life always have the best surprises. I’ve just realised that something I never wished for happened anyway. and now, it just seems normal and comforting. I couldn’t be happier.

three. I can’t keep a secret. I have been trying to make the secretest presents for Guillaume’s Christmas, but everytime, I just jump on any occasion to give him some hints about what they are.

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