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yesterday I went on a bike promenade across the marais [morass (?)]. with my camera and enough water to keep on riding for a solid hour.

I took a little path, met some cows and a pretty escargot [snail]. at the end of the road sat a small fortress. I really wish I had the keys because it looked pretty pretty.

as soon as I got back home, I couldn’t wait to edit the pictures I had just taken. I just wanted to give them an old film look. this is usually not something I’m in love with – I heart film too much to produce fakes -, but this time, I felt like experiencing.

I must admit I’m smitten with how these turn out. so smitten in fact, that I’ve put up a sweet how-to together. nothing fancy, just a couple of comparison shots. and a link to the greatest analog-like picture creator software.

now, I’m going to make the most of the short (not so) sunny interval by going for a walk with my little sister. this time it’s going to be about house spying.

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inspiration, journalthink less but see it grow {comments closed}

it’s been two weeks since I got back from Corsica. as you might imagine it was dreamy. we ate tons of good food, drank heaps of tasty red wine and had fun*fun.

nothing could have made me any happier. truly the perfect trip.

• I mean just look at the sweet sandcastle we built.

•• I just can’t stop smiling every time I look at this picture. damn good mojitos we made on our last night. but we had to cut the bottom off plastic bottles to make up for the tall glasses we didn’t think of bringing along with us. oh camping!

••• phoenix’s latest album followed us around. definitely my favourite piece of music since bloc party’s intimacy.

•••• and just because that something we all wish for, I had to mention this painting by mike. totally appropriate. you do make me wish I had a time machine.

can’t wait to share more finds I made. xx

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