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journalle pays des larmes {one}




this past weekend has been a collection of coincidental accidents. everything happened so quickly, almost at the same time, leaving no place for solutions.

after barely three hours of sleep, a full breakfast, a hug, and some nice words, it all smoothed down. back to a better and happier normal.

it’s weird how it sometimes takes hard times to realise how lucky/inlove/happy you are.

I think we have something good. it just took some time to catch it. now, it’s here, securely locked. together we stand. happier than ever.

ps. thank you so much for the kind comments on my last post. nothing is certain, but I have the feeling I might regain my love for foodbeam. xx

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handmade, journal, wishlistbright {one}





today, I found my very favourite lipstick. green turns hot pink when in contact with the lips. it has followed me everywhere for years.

it made me smile.

but the crazier thing of those last twenty-four hours has to be the heart-shaped yoghurt spot my sister got on the cheek after I whipped my yoghurt-filled teaspoon on her (one of my favourite games). not so coincidental. I love her.

after this painful laugh, I had to calm down, and in my book nothing beats knitting for this. I’m looking forward to the day I’ll receive those yarns to make guillaume a manly-man scarf.

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journalmagic {comments closed}

magic bracelet


the past two days have been like magic to me. lets hope tomorrow is going to be just as good.

yesterday, I got some good news. we went to the woods for a quiet promenade. he found the cutest acorn, and I took a picture of it with my beloved pentax.

today, I printed some of my pictures, and hung them to my wall. I talked about this on foodbeam. I wrote on index cards again. I made pierre hermé’s tarte infiniment vanille.

tomorrow, I will sort my papers. I will make a triptych, just like I used to. I will knit. I will go to an exciting sleepover. he promised he would make crêpes for dinner. I. can’t. wait.

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food, journalmonday morning happiness {3}

pain choc


this morning (ahem, 5am), I had to drive my boyfriend to work. a pretty long journey, luckily on the way back, the boulangerie was opened, and I treated myself to a couple of warm-from-the-oven pains au chocolat.

perfect morning deliciousness.

did you get a chance to spoil yourself on this first day of the week?

ps. sorry for the poor picture. it was still dark outside, and mow I’m going back to bed with a satisfied tummy. xo

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inspirationmorran love {comments closed}



Morran recently got her life-size portrait printed. she looks adorable and so does the print, but then as Camilla said: ‘how could it not be with such a great model?’.

thanks for putting a huge smile on my face Camilla. I love morning happiness.

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food, journalhappiness {one}


things still feel like walking on moving sands with the boy, so I have to focus on what makes me truly happy.

and as soon as I found this, I knew I had to make my own list. yeah.

1 :: kissing you, again and again
2 :: tiramisu ice cream
3 :: making my dreams come true
4 :: making your dreams come true
5 :: rainbows, preferably on side of unicorns
6 :: taking polaroid pictures of the clouds
7 :: collecting random pretty things
8 :: being in love
9 :: learning something new
10 :: eating a good pan bagna

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