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food, journala kind of magic {4}


sometimes, the simplest things turn into magic. and to me, this is the beauty of the everyday.

one. baking bread.
two. rainy days with thunder.
three. laughing. always and forever more.
four. looking at the world through a camera.
five. getting lost.

what feels like magic to you?

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inspiration, journalfifteen {2}


today, I didn’t take any picture. I’m happy to see things with my heart. indeed, one sees clearly only with the heart; anything essential is invisible to the eyes.

I find these words from my very favourite childhood book beautiful.

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journalcerf-volant {7}


amongst other things involving cheap red wine, a lot of sleeping, a few too many laughs, and some fun games, here is what happened.

my very first tattoo. I couldn’t be more excited and literally can’t stop looking at my feet. it’s just so amazing to have a unique and homemade sign.

for the first time ever, I do feel like I am myself. as if something was missing. and now, I won’t have the need to draw on my skin constantly.

what is your dream ink?

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journalnew {3}


three new things that make me happy.

one. the fantastic polaroid spectra, or more accurately, a minolta instant pro. this is my (only and) very first shot. I’m in love, already.

two. some illustrations I made for foodbeam. drawing feels like kissing, for hours.

three. the bridge that I cross every night. the view from my bike is just breath-taking. I love riding back and forth to work. such a lovely moment.

any happy list to share?

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journalwindows we can see {comments closed}


a short talk. about life, aims, and dreams. a new friend that I hope to keep forever. sometimes – like today – I feel grateful for life to place such amazing people on my path.

she gave me the confidence I needed. to not forget about my dreams ever again. to not erase myself just to please someone else.

it’s like looking at me through a window. and realising that I can make it right.

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journallost and found {5}


I seem to have lost myself somewhere lately. in between work and – perhaps more significantly – devotion to the one person I thought I loved.

but as I got a roll of film developped for the first time in weeks, I coincidentally found myself again.

and I feel happy. as happy as if a warm summer breeeze would brush the sand of a wild beach and I could hear the sound of the rolling waves. I miss the ocean. so I drink a lot of water to make up for it.

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journalevery day {6}


at the moment, every day feels like a party to me. refreshing, thrilling, and yet terribly exhausting. but I’m happy.

and in my world, being happy is the one way to go.

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journalhot and cold {5}



a list of things that make me happy, as off right now.

1. being nicknamed bibi by my mum.
2. moving to London in – what feels like – a couple of hours.
3. finding out that my camera isn’t broken. the battery simply needed charging.
4. having a hot date with my boyfriend at Damart* (hence, hot as in opposed to cold).
5. loading new film into the much much loved instax mini.
6. getting my clothes/things ready and not knowing how I’m going to stuff all this into ONE suitcase.

* getting ready for London’s freezing temperatures.

what makes you happy today? I WANT TO KNOW. xx see you soonish after yet another mid-week weekend.

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journalinstax {3}

fuji instax mini

fanny fuji



yesterday, I got the cutest little package from Japan. it contained a fuji instax mini 7S in white, a couple of AA batteries, and enough film for a couple of weeks.

I’m thrilled. have you had any surprise on this perfect Wednesday?

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journalan acorn rain {7}




to me autumn is mainly about acorns and rain. or perhaps, more generally, about nature changes.

so you can imagine how happy I was when the two of them decided to cross my path on this perfectly lazy sunday.

a couple of acorns, and a loud thunderstorm.

now, I’m curious… what makes autumn your favourite season?

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