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inspiration, journalthat day {comments closed}

(top picture by Tim Walker)

one summer ago. we saw wolves. and I fell in love with you.

we had dreams made of road trips, the kind of them where you sleep in the car. we had dreams of lazy nights, the kind of them spent by the seaside with good wine and grilled fish eaten with fingers.

yes, that was the day I fell in love with you.

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inspirationwhere I want to be {3}

(picture by Tim Robinson)

this is exactly where I want to be right now. it would be a long week end off. an escapade from the city, with my favourite person, enough wine for three days, a tepee, some lovely food (preferably avocado and chilies).

the sun would be just warm enough. and we would lie in the grass all day long, not noticing the sky turning blue. in fact, we wouldn’t even see the difference between me and you.

bloc party stole my heart.

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food, journalrecently {2}


a new month begins. in thirty days I will turn twenty-five. I’m still undecided for my wishlist. I just know I want something bold to remember what a long way I have come.

recently, I have – in alphabetical order:

one. made apple tarts.
two. eaten a warm salad of beetroot and goat cheese.
three. molded a dark chocolate bar and sprinkled it with with maldon sea salt.
four. seen the roses Guillaume gave me for our first anniversary getting dry.
five. spotted some blooming flowers in hyde park.
six. dreamed about actual floating lamps.
seven. loved this laundry string.
eight. thought that red and green is pretty.
nine. taken a walk on a sunny morning.
ten. felt overwhelmed by the building around trafalgar square.

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food, journalhmmm {2}


tasting Pierre Hermé’s macarons with Aïda.

found these two pictures on my latest roll. and I love them despite the weird colours.

sometimes, like today, everything just feels right. I woke up early, had time for a nice breakfast. work was great, with a lot of afternoon tea mise en place, some choux making, and jam pots wrapping. I’m home early, Guillaume is making us crêpes for dinner.

and the sun is sticking this time. see, it. just. feels. RIGHT.

what makes you feel right today? and for those of you who are lucky enough, have a lovely weekend!

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inspiration, journalvillage {3}


three things I’m missing. our little trips to entrevaux, the warmth of a summer sun, and making colour palettes.

but I’m far from complaining. yesterday night, guillaume and I celebrated our first anniversary with champagne, a couple of brushette, t-bone steack with asparagus linguine, and a banana tatin.
a perfect night. and I’m looking forward to many more.

and today, if I feel brave enough to leave my bed, I will explore my favourite city in the world, namely: London.

edit. I just spotted the most perfect silkscreen print to go allow with this post. it’s from Melinda Josie and is adorable.
I’m completely trying to get one right now (thanks Ez for the find). x

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journalfirst {4}


I love the first picture of each and every roll I shoot. Just the right amount of imperfection to make it genuinely perfect.

coffee with Guillaume just a couple of days before we left for London.

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journalone cloud {4}


one cloud. two cameras. it’s the story of a girl who contemplated the outdoor world from her flat.

today was spent in bed, expect for the trip to the store downstairs to get some oven chips and a couple of tomatoes.

luckily, my favorite boy is now on his break and we’re going to have a coffee date. I still love to have dates with him, even though we now live together.
it makes everything seems a little more glittery and exciting!

anything lovely you can make me discover in London or on the internet?

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journalbasic {4}


a couple of days ago, Guillaume and I had that discussion about what are the basic needs we both have. he helped a lot with mine, and we found five points.

one. have a boyfriend.
two. be visually inspired.
three. shop for food, then cook and take pictures.
four. explore the world and talk about it on the internet.
five. smoke cigarettes.

if he wants to I could share his five points as well.
what are your basic needs?

ps. I really really like that picture of him. I think it quite defines his very essence. in fact, our very essence.

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