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food, journala must {3}


two things that made my day (aside from hanging around with Aïda). both offered by the gigantic Selfridges.

one. a box of Pierre Hermé’s macarons. all twelve flavours.
two. four papermate felt-tip pens. I always feel the need to stock on these.

and if I’m completely honest, I must admit I couldn’t live without both. pâtisserie and scribbling*. not to mention photographing.
* which shall be added to my basics.

do you have such things that acts as reminders of your musts?

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journalone cloud {4}


one cloud. two cameras. it’s the story of a girl who contemplated the outdoor world from her flat.

today was spent in bed, expect for the trip to the store downstairs to get some oven chips and a couple of tomatoes.

luckily, my favorite boy is now on his break and we’re going to have a coffee date. I still love to have dates with him, even though we now live together.
it makes everything seems a little more glittery and exciting!

anything lovely you can make me discover in London or on the internet?

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journalhot and cold {5}



a list of things that make me happy, as off right now.

1. being nicknamed bibi by my mum.
2. moving to London in – what feels like – a couple of hours.
3. finding out that my camera isn’t broken. the battery simply needed charging.
4. having a hot date with my boyfriend at Damart* (hence, hot as in opposed to cold).
5. loading new film into the much much loved instax mini.
6. getting my clothes/things ready and not knowing how I’m going to stuff all this into ONE suitcase.

* getting ready for London’s freezing temperatures.

what makes you happy today? I WANT TO KNOW. xx see you soonish after yet another mid-week weekend.

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journalinstax {3}

fuji instax mini

fanny fuji



yesterday, I got the cutest little package from Japan. it contained a fuji instax mini 7S in white, a couple of AA batteries, and enough film for a couple of weeks.

I’m thrilled. have you had any surprise on this perfect Wednesday?

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