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journalwhere it needs to be {one}


it’s not that I don’t love to ride my bike under a rain so thick it drenches me to the bones, but right now, if I had to make one wish it would be to take a road trip to fouras, hang out with my grand-mother – who clearly is the coolest kid to be around – and sip through a sirop d’orgeat.

what your top-three things to do?

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journallike home {comments closed}


my kind of place feels like home. a space where time stops and sun makes your skin warm.

I would ride my bike to the closest beach and sit here for ages with a big glass bottle filled with café crème and a moleskine.

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journallost and found {5}


I seem to have lost myself somewhere lately. in between work and – perhaps more significantly – devotion to the one person I thought I loved.

but as I got a roll of film developped for the first time in weeks, I coincidentally found myself again.

and I feel happy. as happy as if a warm summer breeeze would brush the sand of a wild beach and I could hear the sound of the rolling waves. I miss the ocean. so I drink a lot of water to make up for it.

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journalher {3}


she writes beautiful words. she has the one smile. she is the funniest person I have ever met. she dances until the sun comes down.

she is my sister. and I love her more than letters can say.

she’s a diamond. and I’m damn lucky to hang out with her.

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journaloff the map {6}


a lot has happened lately. in fact, it’s been a lot more than I can handle. so I decided to take a week off and fly to France.

I’m now ready to go back to London for more exciting adventures. at least, that’s what I want to be thinking.

for now, I’ll just stick to this and pretend I actually feel like smiling about it all.

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inspirationbébé {2}


bebe colour palette


I was looking through the pictures from my recent trip to fouras, and came across these two little bébés cows.

it reminded me how much fun we had walking them from the road back to their enclos. they were indeed two funny guys who thought it’s be exciting to visit the surrounding countryside.

gold and blue do make the prettiest colours, don’t you think? especially with the slightly aqua-ish tones.

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journaloff {one}





hello friends, I should be getting ready for some weekend action, but I apparently just woke up. I’ll be back on monday or tuesday.

I’m packing my pentax camera, as well as my go-to canon, and a couple of dresses.

this is going to be fun fun. xx fanny.

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inspiration, journalthe perfect studio {2}




yesterday, as I was biking my way through fouras, looking for architecture eye candy, I spotted this tiny house with huge windows, and the prettiest little garden.

my kind of studio. small, with good natural light, and an outdoor space.

what does your ideal studio look like?

ps. as you might have noticed, I’ve made a couple of changes to the categories; I was tired of the abundance and thought the simpler the better.

as off today, you’ll find posts that are either about:
– food
– handmade things, from me or others
– what inspire me, from what surrounds me (including other people’s work)
– my daily life

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journalpromenade {2}






fort lapointe



yesterday I went on a bike promenade across the marais [morass (?)]. with my camera and enough water to keep on riding for a solid hour.

I took a little path, met some cows and a pretty escargot [snail]. at the end of the road sat a small fortress. I really wish I had the keys because it looked pretty pretty.

as soon as I got back home, I couldn’t wait to edit the pictures I had just taken. I just wanted to give them an old film look. this is usually not something I’m in love with – I heart film too much to produce fakes -, but this time, I felt like experiencing.

I must admit I’m smitten with how these turn out. so smitten in fact, that I’ve put up a sweet how-to together. nothing fancy, just a couple of comparison shots. and a link to the greatest analog-like picture creator software.

now, I’m going to make the most of the short (not so) sunny interval by going for a walk with my little sister. this time it’s going to be about house spying.

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