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despite feeling like an old lady due to the flu, today has been the best day ever; and also the coldest.

one. I bought everything to recreate my favourite bagel in london. the beef will start its brining tomorrow. and next week, it will be time for some bagel-making action.

two. I took the loveliest polaroid of my rainy window. blurry and all. I’m in love.

three. I finally made that one dessert I had in mind. photographed it. and talked (too much) about it.

since today is my very own sunday I treated myself with some delicious ricotta and spinach ravioli. hmmmm. good night. x

two slices of whole-wheat toast with a little butter.
two large glasses of tropical juice.

a plate of ricotta and spinach ravioli.
a spoonful of pop corn panna cotta.

a bowl of gazpacho.
a slice of bread.

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day one of vanilla extract making. hopefully, I’ll document this on foodbeam.

I had been dreaming of producing my very own vanilla loveliness for a long time. too long in fact. make this my first achievement for Elsie’s simple goals project.

one. make vanilla extract.
two. eat healthily.
three. draw more.
four. find out what I really want to do.

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journalnew home {3}



today three things made me happy.

1. I found a couple of one euro coins on the sidewalk. enough to get myself some new pens and a magazine.

2. I redesigned foodbeam. I, somehow, needed it. all this blackness just felt a little overwhelming.

3. I got a new job, starting tomorrow and until mid-october, at which point I should be on my way to either Paris or London.

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journalshivers {5}




I’m a little sad tonight. mainly because I’m not happy with foodbeam, my foodblog. sometimes, I have the feeling I should stop writing over there, but just the thought of it makes me shiver.

hard times. decision making.

I might go for a small night road trip, an uncanny obsession of mine.

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food, journalsushi love {2}

sushi crevettes

sushi caviar

sushi saumon


last night, guillaume and I made some pretty adorable – not to mention, delicious – sushis. it was the first time for both of us, and we’re quite proud of how they turn out.

prawns with chives. lumpfish roes and lime. and salmon with a couple of pepper grains.

the recipe will soon be shared on foodbeam, you can trust me.

ps. we also made the cutest makis. plumpish, yet sweet. aren’t they?


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journalmagic {comments closed}

magic bracelet


the past two days have been like magic to me. lets hope tomorrow is going to be just as good.

yesterday, I got some good news. we went to the woods for a quiet promenade. he found the cutest acorn, and I took a picture of it with my beloved pentax.

today, I printed some of my pictures, and hung them to my wall. I talked about this on foodbeam. I wrote on index cards again. I made pierre hermé’s tarte infiniment vanille.

tomorrow, I will sort my papers. I will make a triptych, just like I used to. I will knit. I will go to an exciting sleepover. he promised he would make crêpes for dinner. I. can’t. wait.

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like • playing with children, being thankful for so many terrific people to have crossed my life, eating banana crème glacée straight from the tub, taking pictures with an old film camera, having read a good novel from cover to back in one sitting, dreaming of the much anticipated trip to corsica.

hate • thinking that my foodblog isn’t worth a single reader, wishing I had more time to make pâtisserie at home, not having any battery left on my camera so that I could upload the many pictures I took this week.

I do really miss writing on foodbeam. I want to. I crave to, in fact. but somehow, I have this sad feeling that my foodblog isn’t so good. I have tons of pictures that quietly sit on my hard-drive, now if only I knew what to pick first. fondant au chocolat? entremet aux fruits rouges? pierre hermé’s concorde? green tea and chocolate tiramisu? pistachio and raspberry bombe glacée? the list is endless.

oh and I so can’t wait to show you what got me thrilled this week. but you’ll have to wait a little.

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