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despite feeling like an old lady due to the flu, today has been the best day ever; and also the coldest.

one. I bought everything to recreate my favourite bagel in london. the beef will start its brining tomorrow. and next week, it will be time for some bagel-making action.

two. I took the loveliest polaroid of my rainy window. blurry and all. I’m in love.

three. I finally made that one dessert I had in mind. photographed it. and talked (too much) about it.

since today is my very own sunday I treated myself with some delicious ricotta and spinach ravioli. hmmmm. good night. x

two slices of whole-wheat toast with a little butter.
two large glasses of tropical juice.

a plate of ricotta and spinach ravioli.
a spoonful of pop corn panna cotta.

a bowl of gazpacho.
a slice of bread.

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food, journalpeach {comments closed}


today was all about movie-watching, cosy blanket-snuggling. flu is what they call it. I’d much rather take this as an opportunity to listen to the rain drops hitting my window.

ps. Mary, thank you for the link. I love her illustrations. they’re so lovely.

a large bowl of gazpacho.
one white peach.

a toastie made of one slice of whole-wheat bread and a little grated mozzarella.

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food, journalsushi love {one}


happiness is around the corner my lovelies. I feel ecstatic.

the only down-side is that I realised I consume a little too much eggs. but as sad as it is, they are the only source of protein available widely at work.

anyway, I treated myself with some sushi for dinner. so lovely. and a change from the albumin.

my week end is around the corner too. and the thought of a long night of sleep and cheeks hurting from laughing too much does sound very appealing.

one glass of tomato juice.
one hard boiled egg.

one semi-skimmed milk latte.

a bowl of salad with tomatoes and omelette.
fresh watermelon wedge.
a couple of dark chocolate chips (manjari, my love).

one skinny iced latte.

suhis with edamame beans.

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food, journaltomato juice {comments closed}


here is my attempt at making goals two and three become real. I’m going to record the food I eat (and the possible – hooray – weight loss) and draw/photograph at least one thing per day.

today will be day one. just because there is no coherent reason to wait until next monday to start this experiment.

wish me luck.

ps. no, I haven’t dropped my summer project, I’ve just been off for a few days. being a fluo kid, partying until the sun comes out, and drinking coffee during the day.

one glass of tomato juice.
one semi-skimmed latte.

salad + vinegar.
one chicken breast.
one egg.
a small bowl of fresh fruits.

a spoonful of milk-chocolate ganache (hmmm let’s say: taste check).

one skinny iced latte.

a sandwich made of two slices of brown bread, a couple of slices of ham, and salad.

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food, journalsushi love {2}

sushi crevettes

sushi caviar

sushi saumon


last night, guillaume and I made some pretty adorable – not to mention, delicious – sushis. it was the first time for both of us, and we’re quite proud of how they turn out.

prawns with chives. lumpfish roes and lime. and salmon with a couple of pepper grains.

the recipe will soon be shared on foodbeam, you can trust me.

ps. we also made the cutest makis. plumpish, yet sweet. aren’t they?


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journalfüd and other stories {comments closed}


I don’t want to get into the deepest details, but as off today, I’ve decided to keep a handwritten food diary. both cute and useful, I’m pretty sure I’ll be grateful to have had such an idea in a couple of months or even years.

don’t you just love to record what you eat? I certainly do.

I guess the over-the-top mood I’ve been in during the past few days pushed me to start this new journal, and also to do some biking with my itouch and favourite cashmere sweater. great (wait for it)!

nb. see how happy I am right now! just look at the exclamation marks. never usually happens! but from today, trust me; things are going to be good.

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