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journalthirteen {comments closed}


an early morning picture for a change. drying laundry. ephemeral sunlight. I don’t want those summer days to go. ever.

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wishlistcartable {2}


the one perfect bag. at least for right now. a proenza shoulder ps1.

just the right size to carry a laptop, and a couple of cameras. I think I really want it.

could you recommend some other inspiring bags? I also really like the latest hardgraft.

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wishlistairmail {one}

kate spade


here are a few favourites from kate spade‘s latest collection. I just couldn’t resist…

now I just need to find a retailer.

does anyone know where to buy kate spade in London? please, pretty please.

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journalthe perfect boots {comments closed}

comptoir boots

felline boots comptoir


I found the perfect winter boots today. at le comptoir des cotonniers, a favourite French store.

and they might turn out to be perfect for this summer too. just tie a ribbon around the ankles and and they’ll happen to look like the Isabel Marant from last spring/summer collection (or leave them as they are for a moreish ss10 look).

marant boots

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inspirationpandalily {3}

lily panda id mag


forget autumn. forget the rain. and forget acorns. I could even give my uggs away for such adorableness.

lily allen, dressed up as a panda for id magazine (august 09). I must admit I’m a little proud that we were born on the same day.

she’s fantastic. and I actually have her latest album on shuffle as I write this. lily, I love you.

(thanks Elsie for this great find).

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wishlistrainy days {one}

although it’s still super*hot around here, I’ve somehow been in an autumnal mood lately. wishing for rainy days, hot chocolate, and gum boots walks.

here are two things that could make the upcoming season even better.

• new ugg boots. perhaps in grey. with a button, but without would do just as perfectly.


•• pretty cases to carry my laptop and iPod around. now, if only hard graft did some nice camera bags. any recommendations for sophisticated yet simple ones?

hard graft

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inspiration, journalyou’re empty, and I’m empty {comments closed}

I wish I had more time to do a proper round up of all that happened this past week, but I have to run to nice to catch a boat for corsica.

yes, you read right. a week off. to corsica.

I hope the weather is going to be great because we are going camping. I’m really looking forward to it, although I must admit I’m going to miss the daily emails, as well as my much-needed dose of blog-reading.

just because I love you very very much, here are two things that totally made my day.

• this stunning picture that shows the work of one of my high-school friends, avril loufrani. she’s a designer and I’m quite addicted to pretty much everything she comes up with.

• • I had to get some secret presents ready. one of them was a collection of three polaroids that says fanny hearts you. oh yes I do!

have a fun week. xxx

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inspirationtheknightcat {comments closed}


as I’m on my way to the beach to cool down this hot sunny day, I have to share this new find which gets me terribly excited.

I came across this blog this morning and its many beautiful pictures totally made my day.

have a great wednesday! love.

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inspirationfor as long as I could {comments closed}


as I received an email about toast‘s new collection, I could not help but have a mixed feeling. I’m pretty excited about the happy warmer times that look upon us, and yet, I’m not really looking forward to the end of winter.

quite luckily, toast still has its beautiful autumn/winter 08 home collection running. if you’re anything like me, you’ll be grateful to make this exact moment last a little longer. spring will come soon enough, so will the light clothing and sun-drenched images.

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inspirationlost vagueness {comments closed}


yet again, corinne and gemma. in glastonbury. for october 05 vogue uk.

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