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three things I’m missing. our little trips to entrevaux, the warmth of a summer sun, and making colour palettes.

but I’m far from complaining. yesterday night, guillaume and I celebrated our first anniversary with champagne, a couple of brushette, t-bone steack with asparagus linguine, and a banana tatin.
a perfect night. and I’m looking forward to many more.

and today, if I feel brave enough to leave my bed, I will explore my favourite city in the world, namely: London.

edit. I just spotted the most perfect silkscreen print to go allow with this post. it’s from Melinda Josie and is adorable.
I’m completely trying to get one right now (thanks Ez for the find). x

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journalarc-en-ciel {3}


it’s still pretty early here in London. too early to quit my duvet cover and open the curtains.

I’m still almost asleep, but can’t stop looking at my film pictures of Entrevaux. the place where time seems to stop. only love and happiness remain.

a bit like how I feel today, listening to outdoors sounds from my very own nest.

three things I will do today.

1. wander around town with my pentax camera.
2. have lunch with a friend.
3. work on the cookbook I want to publish.

three things I wish would happen.

1. spend days off with my boyfriend.
2. work less than twelve to fifteen hours a day.
3. cook more at home.

I also wish I could spend my week ends in Entrevaux, where time always seems to stop.

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journalfirst days of november {one}

november first days



I might have been supposed to wait until I move to London to start this project, but I just couldn’t wait.

here are the first five days of November, in pictures. very blue, right?

my favourite is the grillage test shot I took to check whether my broken open-fractured 50mm lens still worked or not. it does, and takes beautiful pictures despite the apparent mechanisms!

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journaleveryday I take my time {comments closed}




I somehow meant to talk about the weekend we spent in the mountains and that happened to last – sligtly – more than five days (since some rocks blocked the road, leaving stuck up there for an extra couple of days).

then time got in the way. so did paperworks.

moving to another country is exciting. opening an international bank account isn’t.

anyway, I shall be sharing the weekender edition soonish.x

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food, journalsparkling moments {one}


pain choc



I just developed my very first (well, accurately, it’s more of the second, but we don’t count the actual first one right) roll of film, and I’m in love.

the pictures are perfect. thirteen moments, stopped in time. the weekend guillaume and I spent in entrevaux was sweet and lovely.

the water passed by. we had a delicious pain au chocolat breakfast at our favourite café. then I read a swedish book (or perhaps, should I say the swedish book of the moment).

plus, have you seen how those three pictures together make the most beautiful colour gradient?


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