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kate spade


here are a few favourites from kate spade‘s latest collection. I just couldn’t resist…

now I just need to find a retailer.

does anyone know where to buy kate spade in London? please, pretty please.

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three things I love tonight.

• vintage cameras I’ve found at the snokeler’s house. more than loving photography, his dad – a graphic designer – has a fondness for printing. hence the gorgeous letterpress I happen to come across in the basement. 

•• luna lovegood’s radish earrings. I remember trying to make myself some years ago, at which time they turned out great but not as lovely as these ones.

••• the snokeler loves the sx70 I gave him for his birthday a couple of months ago. we now have a pile of pretty/fun/crazy/gorgeous polaroids sitting next to his bed.

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a fortnight ago, Anna-Sarah came over to my house and we had the most exciting things-making session. we could not stop new ideas from popping. and we just had to materialise them, then take pictures of the objects and process.

my favourite might be the gorgeous ostrich feathers hair adornment; with golden sequins, cream tulle and a flower made of folded a gold ribbon (not shown here since we were trying the tulle/sequins first). or maybe it’s the lovely marine-inspired earring I made.

leather thread. blue crab. pretty feathers. and brown coral.

but I must admit, I have a weak spot for the hair comb Anna-Sarah made. I simply can’t resist a Spring breeze in my hair.

now I just need to get everything ready before we can finally open our shop. keep your fingers crossed for me . please.

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