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journalwhere it needs to be {one}


it’s not that I don’t love to ride my bike under a rain so thick it drenches me to the bones, but right now, if I had to make one wish it would be to take a road trip to fouras, hang out with my grand-mother – who clearly is the coolest kid to be around – and sip through a sirop d’orgeat.

what your top-three things to do?

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food, journaltomato juice {comments closed}


here is my attempt at making goals two and three become real. I’m going to record the food I eat (and the possible – hooray – weight loss) and draw/photograph at least one thing per day.

today will be day one. just because there is no coherent reason to wait until next monday to start this experiment.

wish me luck.

ps. no, I haven’t dropped my summer project, I’ve just been off for a few days. being a fluo kid, partying until the sun comes out, and drinking coffee during the day.

one glass of tomato juice.
one semi-skimmed latte.

salad + vinegar.
one chicken breast.
one egg.
a small bowl of fresh fruits.

a spoonful of milk-chocolate ganache (hmmm let’s say: taste check).

one skinny iced latte.

a sandwich made of two slices of brown bread, a couple of slices of ham, and salad.

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journaltwelve {one}


this is how summer days roll. a couple of drinks. you sit on the sidewalk. watch the dogs pass by. that aussie friend makes you laugh. a bit too much to admit it.

and, eventually, you forget you even own a camera.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the daily pictures. enjoy the last day of your week (and quite paradoxically, the first of mine).

what is your perfect summer day?

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journalthree {one}


I’ve just had the best bloody mary ever. the (charming) bartender tells me it’s the passion fruit pulp he added. my friend tells me it’s the couple of beers we had beforehands.

have a good night.

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