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as I was peeling rhubarb for a pre-dessert, I felt a sudden urge to run to the changing rooms and take my camera.

to me, rhubarb has the perfect spring colours, and possibly my favourite shade of pink.

I’m so ready for spring that I started a little cleaning over at foodbeam. it was not easy, but much needed.

what makes you feel ready for spring?

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three things I’m missing. our little trips to entrevaux, the warmth of a summer sun, and making colour palettes.

but I’m far from complaining. yesterday night, guillaume and I celebrated our first anniversary with champagne, a couple of brushette, t-bone steack with asparagus linguine, and a banana tatin.
a perfect night. and I’m looking forward to many more.

and today, if I feel brave enough to leave my bed, I will explore my favourite city in the world, namely: London.

edit. I just spotted the most perfect silkscreen print to go allow with this post. it’s from Melinda Josie and is adorable.
I’m completely trying to get one right now (thanks Ez for the find). x

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wishlisttape {comments closed}




I’m quite looking forward to the day Hiki will stock up her adorable shop with masking tape.

in fact, I just can’t wait.

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pain choc



I just developed my very first (well, accurately, it’s more of the second, but we don’t count the actual first one right) roll of film, and I’m in love.

the pictures are perfect. thirteen moments, stopped in time. the weekend guillaume and I spent in entrevaux was sweet and lovely.

the water passed by. we had a delicious pain au chocolat breakfast at our favourite café. then I read a swedish book (or perhaps, should I say the swedish book of the moment).

plus, have you seen how those three pictures together make the most beautiful colour gradient?


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inspirationbébé {2}


bebe colour palette


I was looking through the pictures from my recent trip to fouras, and came across these two little bébés cows.

it reminded me how much fun we had walking them from the road back to their enclos. they were indeed two funny guys who thought it’s be exciting to visit the surrounding countryside.

gold and blue do make the prettiest colours, don’t you think? especially with the slightly aqua-ish tones.

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inspirationvert et rose {one}


flower colours


the many pink flowers I came across during my recent bike promenades most definitely got me thinking about a colour combination I used to be in love with a couple of years ago: green and pink.

and then, I found this cute little house on hello sandwich.

a sweet day. now, I should probably turn my laptop off to enjoy my last hours here, in fouras.

pink house

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blueberry cakes

blueberry cakes colours


this is something I’m super excited to share again. colour palettes. I’ve missed them so so much I can’t believe it’s actually been almost a year since I last made one.

today’s palette is all about purple, gold, and grey. to be honest, I never thought these would match, but after a few dozen of minutes, I finally got a palette that – in my opinion – feels delicate and sophisticated.

what colours do inspire you today?
(haha, I’m secretly trying to find inspiration for the next colour palette).

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inspirationgiles deacon s/s 09 {comments closed}


graphic and whimsy dresses make Giles Deacon’s spring/summer collection interesting; probably in a very different way than for his previous shows though.

here, the lines are simple and body-hugging. and really, if we leave the pacman hats aside, what makes this collection special are the prints and colours.

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inspirationvera wang s/s 09 {comments closed}


beautiful necklines and transparent layers. both of them push me to love Vera Wang’s pieces. they totally make me wish spring was still around the corner (although I have the feeling that pumpkins might induce a mind change soon enough).

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inspiration, uncategorisedanna sui s/s 09 {comments closed}


with fokloric patterns and bright colours, the latest Anna Sui collection really feels like a Mexican parade. I have a special weakness for the wool pompoms, and the gorgeous moutarde and purple dress.

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